In the past 7 years of my professional career I worked with good brands, learned many things, earned name and money, excelled in my skills, became a channel of blessings to many, made myself resourceful but in the midst of all of these feel good factor I was not satisfied. I felt like somewhere I am missing the something. There was no inner joy! Every night as I went to bed, I was thinking that I am doing the same thing what others’ are already doing!

What’s the DIFFERENCE between Them and myself?

How can I prove my life on earth worthy?

After my death what account will I be giving to God of His blessings?

At my death bed will I be able to say, ‘YES, I LIVED LIFE WITH A PURPOSE?

At the buzz of these questions, from 2012 – 2014 my utmost question to the ONE who created me was “Why should I do what others are doing? If you have created me, then there has to be a purpose! WHAT IS THAT???”

As He answers to the cries of every heart (our secret sincere prayers), He answered my question too and I came to know the purpose of my existence on this earth!

Before the death of Alexander the great, whose name is enough to say of his achievements said,

“Burn my body and don’t build any monument. Keep my hands out so the people know the one who won the world had nothing in hand when he died…”

Is that life all about?

Is that I was born for?

Is that I was dreaming for years and so?

Is that for which I toiled day and night?

Is that my achievements are all about?

NO!!! Life on earth is more than what we have achieved and what we have accomplished! LIFE is all about knowing and attaining the Purpose of our Birth and Existence before we die. We cannot know this purpose until we question about it? But the BIG question is whom shall I ask? Why shall I ask Him? Does He know the answer? How can I know He knows the answer?

Yes… if I talk about another man just like you and me, s/he cannot answer our questions, cannot define the purpose of our life on earth because s/he her/himself is in the cubicle of these questions as well. How can he/she escape me from this buzz of life when he/she her/himself is subject to that? How can s/he answer when her/his knowledge is just finite like me?

Then WHO is that ONE, who can answer the “Questions of Life…”???


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