The week went well as I tried to explain the knowledge that I have acquired, researched and experienced till now in my life. I had got few comments under my explanations which are just appreciating or acknowledging what I was explaining except one comment.

My co-author and friend Kuljeet raised it under the article God is Just which I shared with my wife today and she was kind of feeling the same way.

“It is tough to understand His justice sometimes… Actually many times…”

Yes, when we look around, see the wicked prospering and the good people toiling hard and suffering we tend to think that God is not doing justice. But it is very illogical to think of a God who is not just, holy and unchanging. Otherwise He cannot be God. Though my friend Kuljeet never said that God doesn’t do justice but she said she was unable to understand His justice many times which is a very obvious feeling.  

Let me throw some light on this confusion.

God is self existent or we simply can’t comprehend from where God came. He created this beautiful universe because He wanted it to create it. It was His wish. It was His wish to create human being differently, in His image and with free will. He could have created human being like other animals but He had different purposes behind creating human. And all that He created were good.

God instilled knowledge, wisdom and free will in human to control, rule over and take care of His beautiful creation. And while doing so He wanted human being to acknowledge HIS deity which they failed utterly in the course of their living on this earth.

Yes, they committed SIN and it stayed in their genes. The tendency to sin run through the human race… Let me quote something which I found in an article on a different website called, Gotquestions.com which is as follows:

We cannot begin to understand God’s justice unless we first understand sin. Sin is lawlessness and iniquity. It embodies everything contrary to God’s holy nature and is offensive to Him. Thus, sin is a crime against God and justice demands a penalty of death and separation from Him for it. 

The creation became cursed because of sin. And because of sin everything bad happens here and there, in that family and this family. The very presence of sin within us has literally spoiled the goodness of God away from this world. We might be not be doing anything wrong yet because we are on this earth we have to go through the suffering.

Let me give a simple example. In a family when a child does or commits a mistake the whole family suffers for that…

WHY? Isn’t that weird?

It’s not weird because it’s a family. In the same way the whole creation suffers because of sin.

But God’s love as we read yesterday makes a way for us… when we surrender ourselves in His mighty hand and acknowledge in His saving acts we will be safe for eternity. Our lives will be secure in Him. But one thing we need to remember is as we all are spiritual being and the spirit lives forever that makes us eternal beings. Being eternal our life continues after our physical death as well. We lose our body but don’t lose life… we continue to live. So my point is God exercises His justice throughout the eternity. It’s not easy to understand but let’s submit our mind, body and soul in the hands who knows everything. I don’t think so much but I just trust in His deity and acknowledge Him at every phase. I would like all of you to pray one prayer which I always do.

Let’s pray:

Father God in Heaven,

We have come to your throne with lots of dilemmas and confusions in our minds. Certain things are incomprehensible for our limited brains when the world is in a haywire condition… but you, the Creator God who has created us, who knows our hearts, our feelings, our emotions and what’s going on in our mind. You help us to know you perfectly and understand your mind because what we know to be true about you and your attributes will largely determine our actions and reactions to the situations and trials of our lives. So you reveal your deity to us so that we can know you, accept you, submit our lives to you and worship you.

In your almighty name we pray,

So be it!

Dear friends! I have always got the answers when I prayed to God when I am in dilemma and I would request you to do the same.

Stay Blessed!!!


  1. Thanks for addressing my doubts.. as I understand this article u mean to say that suffering is inevitable as long as we are on this earth.. but praying to God or submitting to God gives us strength to go through this suffering or even remove this suffering from our life..

    I am not very regular with praying .. I mean I don’t do it every morning as a ritual.. I used to think that being a righteous person or being a good human is enough and God is with me..

    Is it not enough?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe the same and I think being a good person in spite of all the sufferings that we have to go through is an Herculean task. If we do that – it would be same as submitting to God because then you are trusting Him and His ways even through your suffering.
      Just keep doing that and God is with you.


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