My co-authors Aastha and Saakshi often discuss a lot with me about Candles Online regarding what we should write and what should our topics be, etc. They understand that I value them and give them the freedom to discuss and suggest me on different things concerning posts being published on Candles Online but they usually say a very common statement after suggesting: “This is my view now it’s up to you what to do and what not to do.” It is pretty obvious that because they understand that the final decision lies with me being the owner of the site they kick the ball to my court. I didn’t dictate them but they just do it by default. I would have done the same thing if I would have been in their place. It is because I created this site with a purpose – with my wisdom and wishes I earn the supremacy automatically.

Why am I telling all these?

I am explaining this to make you all understand a simple fact that when God is the creator of this whole universe and all that is within it then automatically He becomes the supremo or the sovereign ruler of this whole creation. It does not matter whether we accept His supremacy or not.

If we look around we see that the whole nature goes according to His instructions or His design… We can’t deny this fact. A female goat will never go to mate with another female goat because it is not designed that way. A banana tree will never bear mango fruits in its branches… Why? Because it is not designed that way… A cow will never eat non-vegetarian items even if we serve her on our spacious dining table, offering to serve her more grass to graze on after finishing the platter of KFC chicken…

It is human… Yes, only human was created in His image and with a free will to exercise as he/she wants … But that doesn’t nullify God’s supremacy over all His creation. He still holds the ruler-ship, the sovereignty over everything.

What does the character of God ‘SOVEREIGNTY’ mean? It means –

  1. Highest rank
  2. Supreme authority
  3. Almighty or All-powerful or Omnipotent
  4. All-knowing or Omniscient
  5. Omnipresent
  6. Immutable or final decision maker
  7. He is in control

I remember a true story shared by my boss. It is about an old lady who was very calm and quiet during an earthquake when all others were panicking. After the calamity when she was interviewed about her calmness and courage she replied, “I was wondering…when I realised how big is my God who’s shaking this world.”

What she meant by that is: “Why should I fear when I know our God is a sovereign Lord and He knows everything and He is in perfect control? I am safe if He wants to keep me safe and I can’t to do a thing if He wishes to take my life.”   

Do you remember the major reason behind knowing our Creator God? Let me repeat again…

“What you and I know to be true about God will largely determine our actions and reactions to situations and trials of life.”

The knowledge of His sovereignty gives us the assurance that He is the supremo, He knows what is happening to me and He holds the authority to change it for me.

A growing awareness of the Sovereignty of God leads to true stability in our life and develops a gentle and quiet spirit within the heart of a man or woman who desires to follow after God. 

Keep reading and keep pondering on all this…

Stay Blessed!!!

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