My GOD is my best friend and I have a very personal relation with Him.

This is a gutsy statement yet a very clear cut announcement of a person who thinks God as her best friend and with whom she is deeply associated. That’s my buddy Prabhjot who wrote this article and published it on 24th June 2012 in a different web community.

Another statement of hers also made me thoughtful. That is, “I believe religion is the most personal subject in this world, more personal than sex or love.” I know this person very well. I know and she also declares that she doesn’t believe in rituals and all such things. Yet when she states that relationship with God is more private and personal than sex (Love is not equal with sex) she must have definitely searched Him to get connected with. She used the word religion but I think she meant “relationship with God” because the theme of her article is about her relationship with God.

We all need to remember that religion is man-made. We are created in such a fashion that our body yearns for the materialistic world, our mind yearns for self and our spirit longs to be united with the Creator. Somebody said, “We have a God-size vacuum within us”. So unless that vacuum is occupied by Him we are incomplete and will stay unfulfilled. This is not religion but the very basic thing of a human being as whole. Spirituality is not religion. Religion is completely worldly but spirituality is divine. I started Candles Online keeping these basics of human beings in mind. Because as a human my body has a downward pull towards the world and its temptations, my mind always loves to satiate my own self, my own family and so on… Yet my spirit seeks His divine intervention and to meet His person on a regular basis, every moment.

The question can be raised like, “Why is it important for us to know about God? Does this kind of knowledge have any practicality in this super modern world?


I want to quote few writers about whom we discussed during a spiritual class that I took long back:

“Submit to God and be at peace with him.” So knowing about God gives us peace.

“You will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” So knowing about God gives us inner freedom.

“Knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” So knowing about God will give us understanding.

“The people that do know their God shall be strong.” So if we are to be strong as men and women we need to study about God.

From the statements above we should realise that it is important to know and study about God. This is as important as having our daily meal and drinking water or even breathing in oxygen to live because we are spiritual beings.

And the major reason about knowing God is: “What you and I know to be true about God will largely determine our actions and reactions to situations and trials of life.”

Let me give you an example. When I am sad and know that if I pray to God He will comfort me and give me strength to stay joyful in the midst of all… I am not talking about being joyful and cheerful when we are dancing or singing or having fun with friends… I am talking about being joyful when I am all alone in my bedroom and feel like crying…

So my point here is, my knowledge about God that He can give me strength and comfort makes me to react positively to my condition. So knowing God more and more is of utmost importance.

Prabhjot concluded her article by saying this: “My God is my best friend. I think atheists are the loneliest people in this world.” I agree with her 100%.

The Bible says – “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” Let’s not be fools as we start this New Year.

In the following days I will bring to your knowledge FIVE very special characters of God which will literally transform and renew your mind and make your lives easy to live on this earth as you lead your lives facing different hurdles day in and day out.

I know that yesterday I ended the year 2016 on a very negative note but I was renewed this morning when I revisited and studied about His awesome characters.

Keep reading and understanding as we begin this year 2017.

Stay Blessed!