After my children were born the circumstances were such that I chose to leave my job and devote myself full time to being a mom and home maker. It was a new experience and had its own ups and downs. I enjoyed it also but I admit there were times I would really feel that it was a totally thankless, useless and repetitive job. And then there were times when I felt that I was really making a difference in someone’s life.

So basically I was on an emotional roller coaster and did not know how to get off it.

Around that time somehow magically a few like-minded society ladies got together for a party and we bonded so well that we became a close group of friends. We called ourselves ‘The Pretty Butterflies’ and met regularly for get togethers and parties. The difference being in these parties we talked our heart out. All frustrations, tensions, pressures were poured out and solutions discussed, advises and sympathies traded. The more I opened up in these gup-shup sessions I realised that we all were sailing in the same boat and my problems were actually not so huge as I had made them out to be. Others have bigger issues facing them and in the process of trying to figure out solutions for them we end up learning a few things ourselves. Friends lift you up when you are down and also keep you grounded when you are flying high.

70630535-thankyoufriends_are_angelsHonestly after my school friends these are the only set of friends that I am so open with.

We started this around three years ago and since then a few of my butterflies have flown to different cities and even different countries. But this hasn’t made any difference in our friendship we all are in constant touch through WhatsApp and we still know that if one of us is going through a rough patch we have friends who will walk us through it.

And I am eternally grateful for this friendship.

To my friends:

The worries in my life are halved

Because I can share them with you

Happiness in my life is doubled

Because you never let me feel blue…

‘Thanks’ is a small word but carries huge weight. One of the three golden words that we keep teaching our children from childhood. ‘Don’t forget to say thank you beta.’ If you are a mother of a toddler you must have repeated this sentence multiple times in a day. We are so tuned to say it that whenever we get something a gift or even a glass of water from someone we say thank you.

But this word has a deeper meaning. How many times have we said this word with our heart filled with gratitude and really meant it?


There are a lot of things in our lives apart from the special people and friends around us which we just take for granted. Some incidents in the last month itself reminded me of one such thing.

Last month when I was doing the customary Diwali cleaning of the house I did something wrong and had a very bad sprain in my lower back. Doctor advised me complete rest for two days and I tell you it was the worst feeling I ever had when I was actually bed ridden and had to depend on others for every small thing and even the smallest task like lying down on the bed or getting up became a huge task. I used to try to manoeuvre my body to such a position where there was least amount of pain. Not being able to move around at will gave me such a feeling of helplessness.

healthAnd today when I woke up after a hectic night of partying I realised that my sore throat had worsened to such an extent that my voice was almost gone. And whatever little I was able to speak nobody understood. My children laughingly said ‘Mumma, you sound like a ghost. Please don’t talk.’ And only when we face such limitations we realise the importance of what we have.

These episodes in my life made me realise the importance of our body and good health. These are a gift to us from God, the supreme being… I am really thankful to Him.

Health is a freedom very few realise

Until we no longer have it.

Be thankful for what you have… your body, your health, your mind and some very good souls around you called, “FRIENDS”. Be mindful about all you have, don’t abuse them, take care of them and use them all as your own. ❤