Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will always cherish

Last week we celebrated a “Thank You” week at work. An occasion where you are invited to take a step back to look at your life and make the most of that opportunity to actually thank people who have made a difference to your work-life.  Every day had a different theme – thank you seniors, thank you team, thank you managers, thank you working staff, thank you peers. I liked the idea, though in my busy schedule I could not really thank everybody that I wanted to. But well, I can do that anytime, right. I don’t need a day for it!

Well, I guess most of us do need a day to remind ourselves – “It is high time, you must say thanks to your folks”. Why is that, I wonder? Why do we tend to take people in our lives for granted? Why can’t we make our own people a lot happier by just saying a simple “Thank You”?

So when Chiradeep asked me “What do you want to write on the coming week?” I said “let us just celebrate a Thank You week. Let us give ourselves a reminder to thank people who really have made a huge difference to our lives.” And he happily agreed.

Attitude of gratitude really pays off. Because when you thank someone for something, the person gets even more inspired to do the same thing again.

I see how my 21 months old son’s face light up in joy when I say “Thank you baby. You are so amazing!” on little things that he does for me. And it happens to all of us. Doesn’t it?

It was sometime in early Jan this year when we were invited to one of our friends pre-wedding cocktail party. Both bride and groom were our close friends and we all were really excited. Our son was 11 months then. So, we reached the venue at about 9 pm and by 9:30 pm – my son dozed off. I made him sleep in the pram nicely tucked in under the blanket. And then I hit the dance floor. There was a lot of dance, games and fun for the next 3 hours. Thankfully, my son was sleeping allowing me to enjoy with my friends.

Prabhjot, Kapil and Joey

At 1 in the night, when we along with some friends were getting ready to go to our place for the after party (of course, there had to be an after party after all two of our friends were getting married!) my son woke up – nice and bright. Everybody had good time at the after party and our son too enjoyed the music and dance. The only problem was that I slept off in the middle of the party. I was so dead tired and no matter what my husband did I wouldn’t wake up. And now my hubby had to arrange the house for all our friends, make sure they had enough space and comfort to sleep well. Along with all this, he had to manage our son who was in no mood to sleep.

Well as I heard the story in the morning, Joey (my son) slept almost at 5 in the morning. My hubby could hardly sleep after that. 7 am when I woke up, Kapil (my hubby) was visibly upset. My first reaction was to snap back at him “So what if you had to take care of everything, he is your son too and these are your friends too” but instead of saying that I chose to say “Thank you so much for taking care of him and everybody else. I know I was irresponsible last night” and to my surprise there he melted, his anger gone. We then proceeded to cook breakfast for everybody together. I genuinely meant that Thanks. I sincerely felt that I should have been there the night before. And I could keep my ego away and just for once acknowledge what he did. And I saw the results almost immediately.

It was a huge lesson learnt.

Prabhjot and Nishit

This was one such incident where wisdom dawned on me at the right time. But usually that is not the case. While there are a lot of people I probably should be thanking for a lot that they have done for me, for now I would just take one name – Nishit. That is a newly wedded groom who is also my brother in law. He just moved out of our home to now have his own home with his wife – I realize how much I had been taking him for granted. He lived with us since last 6 years and his moving out makes this home as dull as it can be. Nishit was the one who brought Milo (our dog) in my life. In spite of all my resistance, he just got the dog that I happen to fall in love with at the very first sight. I cannot thank him enough for that. I couldn’t have been the same happy person that I am today without Nishit in my life. In spite of all my fights with him, all the times he has irritated me to the core, all the times I have scolded him and all the times he never listened to me, I love him and I miss him. He rightfully fills in the gap of a real brother that I never had.

Shruti, his newly wedded wife – she and I just happen to click and it doesn’t even feel like that I have known her only since last few months. Thanks to both of them for bringing in so much energy, positivity and fun in my life.

When you are in love with your family, life is a heaven. And I am living in a heaven today.

I want to invite all of you to please take this time to think “Who is it that you want to thank today?” Thank them in real today and share your experience with us. It makes all the difference in somebody’s world when the golden words “Thank You” are genuinely spoken.