I have a longing to understand human heart. I love people. I love human emotions and the way it reflects somebody’s inner self. Knowing or understanding a fellow human heart to heart is the most fascinating thing in the entire universe according to me.

I had a desire that I would interview people from different walks of life. And Candles Online is the best thing that happened in my life on which I thought of launching it in this web platform.

So finally, Candles Online launched a new column called, “Face 2 Face” as a new page yesterday. By clicking on that page, you will find the current interview on the top, and a list of interviews at the bottom of that page. There will be pages of different interviews under the main page “Face 2 Face”.

I chose my childhood friend Smruti who is a mother of two and a great homemaker as our first guest to be interviewed. She was amazingly honest, truthful and humorous while replying all my queries. Read her interview to understand and learn very important lessons regarding marriage, parenting and family by clicking HERE.

In coming days, I would be interviewing many more interesting personalities from all over the world including my co-authors of Candles Online.

If you have something very special to share with the whole world then you can approach me and I would love to see if I can interview you as well.

Don’t forget to click on the page: Face 2 Face… 😉

Stay Blessed!

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