Media is one of the biggest stake holders in maintaining public relations. I say public relations because, we are connected to each other very closely only because of media. It brings the entire world’s information under one umbrella and let’s us communicate, empower and engage in the best for the society..

We are greatly dependent on media to keep us on track with what’s happening around us. None of us have time to keep an eye on everything that’s happening and media plays the role of bringing us the best they can, at least that is how it is supposed to be. Media is not an exception for competition. In order to compete with other news channels/media sometimes, they show an interest to telecast some things that has no relevance to common man. But, hold on, they have to make the news interesting, so they do add a lot of gossip around it, without which they won’t be getting the TRP that is required for them.

The biggest reason for this is freedom :

Media freedom: Media has all the freedom to publish and promote whatever they want to. So, they use this power to telecast what they think is right.

Our freedom: We too have all the freedom to watch what we want to watch. How wisely are we using our knowledge to be choosing what we watch ?

Being a couch potato and watching whatever that’s showcased on the running television channel is only going to waste our time and would highly impact the correctness of our thoughts. These gossips can altogether alter our thought process, as they say, in order to induce a false thought the best way is to repeat it.

Let’s not alone put the ball in media’s court. As they shall be responsible about what’s telecasted, we shall be equally responsible about what we consider to be good for us.

Ultimately the purpose of media is to educate, entertain, drive the latest technology trends, information sharing. We should respect the purpose of media and use it the way it has to be. Instead of having a blind faith on the media, use your diligence to arrive at consensus of what’s good and useful.

Be thankful for the media for the efforts they put to expose many scams, the wrong doings people or even celebrities are involved in, life stories of people whom we idolise. Their job is more tougher than what we can even imagine, let’s help them by indicating what we love to watch, rather than leaving that to their guess work (of course they are good at it).. Let’s do our bit and then wait for theirs !!