“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

My sister still calls me a monkey. For her, I am the naughtiest, mischievous and cutest brother in the entire world. Whenever there is an opportunity to talk about me she never misses out on the chance, talking about my mischievous acts. I will present to you all, one such act of mine which is often discussed in my family. 

I was five years old, used to hate milk and to avoid drinking it I used to tiptoe and empty the tumbler in the garden and silently keep it on the table pretending I finished it. My grandmother always used to keep tabs on me and she found it pretty soon and she made it a point that every day I will drink in front of her. For few days I was left with no choice but to oblige her, but then I managed to escape her keen eyes and this time I chose to hide the tumbler in her old wardrobe, it went for two days and on the third day, her room and wardrobe totally stink. She went totally mad running after me and I managed to escape and later I employed the best defense a child can think off, kissing to cool her off and promising I won’t repeat it. 

Pretty determined not to do the same mistake, the very next day I hid the tumbler in my uncle’s bookshelf where he used to keep his office materials, and I left for my school’s Annual Day function, graced by the presence of the then famous Telugu film Director (Dasari Narayana Rao) I participated in nursery rhymes competition and won second prize, during prize distribution I literally snatched my prize from chief guest’s hands even before he could give it to me only to show that to my friend Divya(she is cute) embarrassing my parents with that behaviour of mine. After reaching home everyone was determined to teach me a lesson and my grandmother took the lead asking, “you promised me that you won’t repeat the same mistake,” and I quickly countered saying “yes, and so I hid the tumbler in uncle’s shelf instead”.

22Totally irritated she warned me that she will send me out of the house if I keep behaving like this. Insulted, I took few sandwiches from the kitchen and wrapped them in a handkerchief, tied it to the end of a stick and walked out in anger thinking they don’t want me at home, I will go away. Luckily even before I could cross my street, a known person found me and brought me home. When everyone found out what really happened, they were in a state of shock and couldn’t actually scold me. As for me, I happily sat in one corner and finished those sandwiches. 

Now whenever they discuss or narrate this incident I feel embarrassed and ashamed of my own stupidity. I often wonder what would have happened to me if that gentleman didn’t spot me ? My innocent logic could have put me in deep trouble. The lesson which I learned was not to repeat the adventure which I undertook years back. 

9 thoughts on “THE INNOCENT LOGIC

    1. True sir and the reasons would be totally silly and innocent. Childhood memories always are always sweet and they stay long. I guess that time I never knew that few slices of bread will last for only one meal. Thank you so much for reading it.

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    1. Good to know that I alone didn’t run away from home and yes childhood is really memorable and the sweetest. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience.

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  1. What a cute piece of writing. Bless the childhood which leaves us with such sweet memories. What innocence it is when we think few sandwiches and the courage in our heart is enough to leave home and survive in the cruel world. Never again can that time come back, never again can heart feel so unburdened and courageous. Even I tried to run from school gates many times, but my beloved father paid the guard to keep me under check, still managed to ditch him twice. 🙂 Well written, hope Divya liked your prize.

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    1. Good to know your experience as well dear, and you must have really some brilliant tricks to slip unnoticed from the radar of your school guard. And yes I didn’t think much ahead and really thought with few sandwiches I can survive long and can go far, such an innocent childhood it was. Each one of us will have many such naughty and mischievous and sometimes scary stories to share. And yes Divya kinda liked the prize and kinda not, cause she failed to get one, but she must be happy that I got one. Thanks for your brilliant comment and feedback, it made me smile.

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