“Mistakes are the proof that you are trying”, has been the most used phrase by our elders and teachers. Well of course we can say that we do learn a lot from our mistakes and we can afford to make new mistakes every now and then. But some mistakes not only makes us laugh but also they take our self respect with them and dive deep into the ocean of shame.

Playing a prank on others can be listed as a primary quality of notorious humans!! I would like all those who read this article to tell me that, how would you feel when your crush tells you that they actually love you? Then they would ask you to come wearing a dress, they like, to class and this that!! What would you do??? Think if it’s really true or not?? Or just wear that dress and go?? Of course the latter… Of course, of course!!!!!!

When we hear someone loves us, we either smile or shy away or get elated. For me, “ELATED” was the feeling that day. Happy, happy as I was, I got dressed in the same dress he wanted me to and left for college. Excited to meet him, I didn’t see any of my friends and went past them, my eyes eagerly searching for him. Oh there!! There he was, standing right next to my friends. Wait!! Why was he standing next to my friends?? I stopped walking. They were all laughing at me by then! Clueless, I examined myself properly. Then I saw that friend of mine, who knew I had a crush on that guy. Still, why were they laughing?? I went towards them… I smiled at him… I gave them all a frowned look… And they all started singing… “April fool banaya!!! toh unko gussa aya!!!” (‘I made you April Fool, so she got annoyed…’ in a funny way) And suddenly I found myself drowned in the ocean of shame. It was 1st of April, the fools day!

I shook the matter off, showing off how sportive I can be. Though I didn’t look at my crush for a month or so. Later we became good friends. As the years went by, we all friends started laughing at that day and the expressions we all had. We never actually think or talk about the pain. My mistake there was, I shouldn’t have expressed my feelings to someone who wasn’t as trustworthy as to handle my emotions well and I should have thought about all the pros and cons. Being blind wasn’t really necessary. I really did learn many things from that day but foremost I learnt that, our heart can hold in as many pains and aches as it holds all the love.


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  1. Kuljeet Saini says:

    Good of you to be so sporty about it. But it was a kind of cruel way of making April fool.. we should never play with other’s emotions just for fun..

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    1. sonyr1 says:

      Thank you Kuljeet!! It’s true, we should never play with some ones emotion.


  2. Avinash Das says:

    Nice story. Yes…I completely agree with last line and that’s give the courage to stand up again in life. Well done

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    1. sonyr1 says:

      Thank you Avinash!

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  3. I can understand your feelings. Not a nice thing to do to someone. Still one needs to take risks sometimes to get “the real thing”. I hope you will or have had true reasons to be Elated


    1. sonyr1 says:

      Haha!! Yes Sir!! I did have all true reasons to be elated. But, it was managed without much of a heart break. 🙂

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  4. cherylfoston says:

    Thank you, for reading my blog. I truly appreciate it. I think your blog is very interesting and I love your photos. Keep up the great work and messages.


    1. sonyr1 says:

      Thank you 🙂


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