It was a day of August 2008 I faced my first professional interview to work as Customer Support Executive for a software developer company in my hometown. I was selected in the first two rounds but in the final HR round, I was cut down. It was very much discouraging and was also an embarrassing incident for my professional career as well.

Like every other HR, that company HR first asked me to introduce myself, I went well then he asked me what is your idea about the job you have applied for, somehow I went well, then the HR manager took my C.V. and asked me a very simple question – “Explain me your objective”. My answer was, “Sorry Sir, I didn’t get you”. He said, “I asked you, would you please explain me the objective which you have written here in your C.V.?” As I was ignorant of my C.V. objective, I started bluffing and the HR tolerated my bluffs for 2 minutes and then he said, “Avinash if you don’t know the answer say ‘I don’t know’. Don’t try to show your smartness”. Very lovingly he also added to that “my dear, when you are writing your C.V try to write your own career objective. Never try to copy it from some other person’s C.V or don’t even try to copy from Google. If you are doing so, then you must understand what you have copied and why you have copied.” And the reality was in my C.V. apart from my Personal and Educational details every another line was a copy from my elder sister’s C.V….

Though this incident is funny and embarrassing but this incident taught me some very valuable lessons from every other mistake does. 

  • The truth is always simple and admirable but Lie is always complex and abominable.
  • Bluffing is covering up your mistakes. Cover-ups are always lies which need another lie to support its sustainability.
  • Don’t think that you can make people bogus.
  • Smartness is good but its show-off is foolishness.
  • Take other’s work as examples of your life never copy them.

This incident helped me to develop my own C.V., with my own career objectives and other information, which is ORIGINAL not copied ! Whenever you are writing or doing something it’s better to follow other’s accomplishment but follow them as examples to reach to your purpose. Remember, when we add our originality to our learning that brings the creativity!

Stay original !!!