“He isn’t a man if he does not commit any mistakes.” We all do and we develop ourselves from them.

I am reminded of my school days five years back. It was a bright winter morning. The school bell had rung and all the students assembled and lined up according to their classes as per the rule. The morning assembly was conducted by the students which included the school prayer, national anthem and the national pledge. This was followed by the news headlines and finally concluded with a pleasant thought.

That extraordinary morning, I was allotted for the thought reading. In my mind of fantasy I had foreseen the response of my audience to my reading, which was a huge applause. The confidence and excitement dominated my nervousness beyond measure such that I found it futile to rehearse. Rightly had someone said, ‘anything beyond measure is dangerous’. With that blind courage I went in front of the mike and began, “Good morning everyone……………..”, and politely ended with a thank you. But to my surprise everyone stood still as if something unusual had occurred. Their response perplexed me.

After the assembly, all students went to their respective classes. When I reached my class I asked two of my closest friends how my reading was. They looked at each other and then one of them said, “Where is the piece of paper in which the thought is written?” I took it out of my pocket and showed it to them. She read it out, ‘smile is the curve which sets everything straight’. She paused and continued, “you read ‘ honesty is the curve which sets everything straight’”.  That hit me like an arrow and brought me back to my senses out of my world of fantasy .I was dumbstruck for a moment. I was so firm not to rehearse that my mind had merged two different thoughts; the first one and ‘honesty is the best policy’ creating a mess and making complete fool of myself in front of the entire school including the teachers and principal. I felt like a complete idiot at that moment. My entire day was filled with embarrassment.

That night when I was on my bed, calm and quiet I made a vow that never will I be blindly confident on myself, no matter if it is for a thought of two lines or for a speech of 50. Over confidence can ruin it all!