It was the summer of year 2007 and I was somewhere around Times Square, New York. It was an official trip and we were a group of 5-6 people working together in Boston. So, we took a weekend trip to New York and I totally fell in love with that city.

Around 12:30 in the night we were roaming around Times Square and it was as alive as it was 6 in the evening. We were 2 girls and 2 boys and we were in no mood to go back to the hotel.

We girls got really excited when we saw an amazing white limousine parked outside a hotel and all we wanted to do was to pose and take pictures with it. So, we took out our cameras and posed in every possible way. Remember year 2007 – front camera phones weren’t that common and concept of selfie wasn’t born.

We spent 15 minutes only taking pictures while the 2 guys with us were standing in one corner laughing at us. By this time, we had learned to ignore them, they would find everything that we did silly – our shopping, our photo-shoots, our girlish talks.

We were almost done and ready to go when a guy on a bike came over to us and said “one of you can come with me” and he gave a weird look that kind of made really uncomfortable. I immediately snapped “Why?” and then we just ran away from there without a clue about what just happened. The guys were still laughing but now even harder.

When we were finally away from that spot, we understood what really happened there. We were in a high standard red light area of New York and that explained all the pretty ladies dressed up nicely walking around there (they were really nicely dressed, at least we girls could never make out their profession by their appearance). The call girls usually travel in limousines and when we were posing in front of a limousine it gave an impression that we were one of them. Later on the guys told us that there were so many men who were staring at us and that was the reason these guys were laughing at our stupidity.  Finally when a guy really approached us, we kind of freaked out and ran away from there but we still didn’t understand what he meant.

This story became really popular in office at the expense of our embarrassment. Everybody had a good laugh at us. And I know that I could have never recognized a red light area because I had never been in one. But I made a swear to myself that I will always be more alert of my surroundings even when I am in a complete fun mood and that would also mean that I would keep myself safe no matter how adventurous I feel.

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