Mistakes and errors occur on and off almost every day. However, thoughts about a funny mistake made by me took me down my memory lane straight to my Nursery class!

My school had organized a fancy dress competition for little children on the occasion of Children’s Day (observed on 14th November in India every year). I expressed my desire to participate and with my parent’s consent had submitted my name to my Class teacher.

My parents decided that I would dress up as an Indian princess. On the day of the event, I was dressed up by professionals in a glittery orange and gold attire, decked with jewelry and loaded with makeup – a perfect princess look!

Then came the catch!

I was adamant on wearing my school socks and shoes to go with the ‘princess outfit’! No amount of persuasion succeeded to change my mind. (Being a strict abider of school rules from that age I was convinced that the dress has to be fancy, but if I don’t go in school socks and shoes, I would be punished) So off I went to school dressed as a pretty princess, but with a pair of white socks and black buckled shoes clearly visible for all to see (I hope you can imagine the amusing spectacle)  

I must have looked pretty because all attention was on me. I don’t know what others would have thought of the combination of fancy dress and school uniform!!

When my name was called, I walked up to the stage gracefully. And everyone waited as to what I would perform or say. But, I simply stood there like a statue. Seconds flew by and my teachers kept prompting me to say something. No effect. (When my parents were thinking what to teach me to say, I had insisted that we are not to speak anything – it was only supposed to be a fancy DRESS competition) My Class teacher came on to the stage and mollycoddled me to speak something – at least to tell my name. Absolutely no effect!

After standing on the stage for a few minutes, I was asked to step down.

And, I gracefully stepped down with no regrets rising within me 🙂 

Of course, I didn’t win any prize for very obvious reasons!

All the teachers told my parents that I had a sure chance of winning a prize had a performed or said something. Thankfully, my parents didn’t scold me (they had all the right to, given the efforts they had put in).

Each time I go back to this episode, I laugh and at the same time, regret not listening to my parents and being so very sure of school rules (at three and a half years of age)!!

I have learned a lesson for life – Listen to the experienced and the wise. They are more than often right!


  1. Listen to the experienced and the wise. They are more than often right!
    That is so very Right.
    I can imagine a girl wearing a princess costume and school socks and shoes. LOL !!
    But you were Adamant as a 3 year old tot. That’s admirable. ha ha ha ha.

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  2. Haha, I can relate to it so well as my daughter had done the same in her nursery. Theme was nursery rhymes. I had made such an elaborate costume so painstakingly. My little one went on stage and stood staring at all, inspite of all the practice done earlier. 😁😁
    But she looked such a cute spider. We all laugh at it now 😁😁 That’s the beauty of kids.

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