I guess we all make some hilarious mistakes when we are young. They become a sure shot topic of discussion at reunions and a good laugh.

When we were in college, Dehradun was still a sleepy town meant for retirees and not the  hustling bustling capital it is now.

There were only a few good places to have fun with friends. So whenever we three friends heard of a good restaurant we decided to check it out. We were told of a fabulous place near Rajpur. As usual we made plans to go there and me in my enthusiasm decide to wear a long flowing skirt and high heels. Both my other friends were wearing sensible jeans.

The Vikram (6 seater rickshaw) dropped us at Rajpur. And the locals told us we just need to climb the old Mussoorie highway and the restaurant is just round the corner. Remember when you are climbing don’t trust a local for the distance. Maybe they are so used to climbing for them the destination is always just round the corner. And when you start climbing it just never ends. One turn becomes two or three.

Well coming back to my story we started walking uphill and realised that it was not that near. So we decided to leave the mettled road and take a short cut and climb the rocks to cut the long journey short. But guys remember my dress. I did make it guys, but my heels got twisted, my skirt got caught in the bushes and I looked a complete mess. Whereas the other two wearing jeans and shoes were having a hearty laugh at my expense. And I am sure so were the people in the many vehicles that passed us. They must be really thinking that these three girls have gone mad. Guys look at our determination, never once did we think of going back or dropping the plan.

The real anti climax was that the restaurant was not at all worth the trouble we faced reaching there. The food was bad and service even worse.

So basically the moral of the story is that guys plan before hand, do not depend on word of mouth otherwise a simple trip can turn into an adventure. Now we have Zomato and Google maps to help us out. So life is easier.


Kuljeet Saini is a science graduate. She was a computer science teacher for more than 6 years but now she is a complete homemaker with two very beautiful energetic boys to look after.

6 thoughts on “DRESSED TO KILL

  1. Ohh that much effort and you must be totally disappointed when the food is bad and service doesn’t live up to the expectations, gone through such experiences quite a few times as I like to explore, and I can relate well to this incident of yours, great write up and looking forward reading more from you.


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