Hi Everyone,

We all have our share of funny incidents in our life that seemed to be the serious issue at that moment but when remembered later never fail to leave a smile on our face with a trail of heartfelt comments like “OMG! how stupid I was/ we were”, “How funny was that”.  I can bet on that.

Today I want to share one of such incident that stumped me that day, makes me smile whenever remembered (now) and of course gave me a very important lesson in life.

It was almost 15 years back, it was pre-board examinations time of 10th standard in school (can you calculate my age 🙂 ).  I was an academically good student (excuse me for taking the liberty of praising self:) ) It was mathematics examination, subject which I enjoyed till that standard only, later I used to hate it, somehow I managed to clear it in later classes. All set for the examination, question paper in hands, my first expression – Wow! it’s so simple, I can score the minimum of 95%. So happy and confident I was about doing good in exams that I cared less to turn the question paper and have the thorough check.  I was flying high thinking that I have finished exam well before time.  As soon as I stepped out of examination hall as the usual discussion started among friends.  A friend of mine asked me  “What was your answer did you get for the 20th question?”.   I without blinking an eyelid ridiculed him “Are you out of mind?  There were only 13 questions.  My friend was quick enough to combat “Come on are you serious since when we have only 13 questions?” and he was right there were 30 questions and I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, we never had 13 questions in mathematics.  That’s one situation when I was left “Stumped” because of my overconfidence.

And the real task was still pending when I had to break the news to my mother (my brother insisted not to as he knew the outcome but I wanted to be holier than pope).  With a long face, I entered a house, narrated the entire episode to a mother.  She was chopping potatoes, took one and targeted me (at that time parents more liberal with using their hands 🙂 )  I instantly took an  oath, can you believe me a 15-year-old taking an oath and what was that? “I won’t eat till I do well in my boards and get this taint removed” heavy isn’t it?  And just after two hours, I was hungry and the Board examinations were two months away.

The entire episode gave me a very valuable lesson:

  • Read every bit of paper inside out before preserving it or throwing it in a dustbin or while signing any document, never know what information you would have there.
  • Never answer before the question is complete.
  • Overconfidence would always leave you high and dry.


17 thoughts on “YAHOO!! END OF EXAMS… OOPS, WHAT DID I DO :(

  1. Dear Whoever-you-are,
    I found this post really funny and amusing. Including life lessons as well. To answer your question, I’d go for something around 30 years old. You may think it’s weird of me to answer that question. But I do really try not to mind. Have a nice day, night or whatever. Bye

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  2. There there you are… Kalpana! The first ever life story published… And it was hilarious. I see myself somewhere in this story which I am gonna write in my piece when my turn will come. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And the lesson!!!
    Wah!!! Bulls eye!!!

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  3. Kalpana Ma’am, I just cant stop laughing. I can totally relate to it as I am still a student . I will keep those lessons in my mind before entering into the examination hall. Awesomely written article. Kudos! 👍

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  4. I am smiling from the moment I read your article Kalpana. It is such EEEWWWW when we do such things. I myself have done such stupidity not once or twice but thrice in my schooltime. Loved reading it because I am sure you loved writing it. KUDOS !

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  5. Totally enjoyed reading this article of yours, school time was the best of my life, had lot of memories, innocence, confidence, arrogance, being the teacher’s pet and getting pampered, envious if someone scores few marks more or bunked the class, thinking damn man I should have also bunked and watched cricket, I did them all, thank you so much for writing this and it made me revisit few of my school memories.


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