Tissue paper: This is invented for CONVENIENCE . I too find it very convenient to use. But, do you know that to create tissue paper for a family of four, for a year, it would take two fully grown up trees ? Now, can you imagine how many trees are cut off every year ? The time to make a tree grow completely is much more than one year, so we are losing a vast area of green land for tissue paper. Now, the tissue starts to sound like an issue.

In the last 10 years, I sparsely used tissue paper to dry off my hands after lunch or dinner. I would let it dry naturally. I keep a watch on how much tissue is being used at home and I switch over to cloth when the limit reaches. A lot of tissues reach dustbin even when they aren’t used.

  • Try using a sponge or cloth to clean non-viscous liquids
  • Use a towel to dry off your hands instead of tissues
  • When at food joints, take only those many issues that you may need.

Refrigerator: A few years ago, there was no refrigerator. People used to buy fresh produce and eat them. We wanted to preserve food so that there is no WASTAGE, so we invented the refrigerator. We wanted de-freezing capability. So, we added that feature. With the addition of that feature, instead of switching off the refrigerator for some time for melting the formations of ice, we have to press a button, more usage of electricity but it’s CONVENIENT.

I can understand this feature for hill stations or during winter, but in reality, there is no real need of using this during summers or in areas where the temperatures are normal. Don’t you agree ? If you are thinking that there can be food items in your refrigerator that may get spoilt in an hour or two while you switch it off, it’s better to throw them off than to consume. They are not going to do any good for our health.

  • Use the additional features on electrical and electronic appliances on the need basis. That saves a lot of energy that otherwise could be saved and put to a better use.

I have added my two cents. If we carefully think over, we would find numerous ways of saving natural resources.

Shortage arises from wastage many times. Mother nature has given us abundant resources to have a comfortable living. We need to keep in mind that future generations are dependent on us, the less we waste, the less would be shortage we create. 

“The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous, and enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive.”

Paul Hawken


12 thoughts on “CONVENIENCE OR WASTAGE ?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Our most mundane, seemingly inconsequential activities are a cause for concern. We don’t realise it and there’s not much time. Awareness and conscious actions are the only way we can help turn things around. Great reminder, thanks for sharing!

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    1. Glad you like the post Swetha !! It’s a small wake-up call for those little things which can make a big difference for our ecosystem. It’s not a one man job, but together we can.. Thanks again…

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  2. Your two cents is worth a penny Aastha. Interesting pointers you gave dear. Kids often waste so much tissue paper. But then we need to teach them the value of clean hands too, it is so hard to find that fine line where we instill good values without hurting Mother Nature.


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