“I don’t get time to workout because I am very busy at work”

“If my husband wouldn’t have divorced me, then I wouldn’t have been struggling this hard to make a living”

“If I would have had enough time, I would have prepared well for the exams”

“If only I could handle the situation but I was in no control because he irritated me”

“If my wife would have agreed to work on the problems we are going through in our marriage, our life would have been better”

Some people just love sharing their sad moments over and over again to others, so that others think the reason for them not being happy is their problematic situation.These are not reasons, this is a trait to gain sympathy, “THE POOR ME”. Making others feel sorry for what we are going through. Why others ? some times we give reasons for ourselves. 

It was just yesterday, I was feeling very sleepy. So sleepy that my eyes were uncontrollably shutting down begging me to sleep. But, I was in a shopping mall, and there was no way for me to sleep, unless I drive back home. I tried to keep myself awake for more than an hour, only telling myself “Poor YOU, you have not been sleeping well over the last few days, because there was lot of work.” There are many more instances where I pity myself.

If we get stuck in this rut of self-pity , our life gets stuck. The sad story will become our identity. People would continue to see us through the lens we made them to see us through. We would continue to complain about life every single day, not appreciating the happy moments of today, just by reiterating on the saddening past. We would find it convenient to give reasons for our failures than working our way towards success.

Negativity only breads negativity, please try to come out of those vibrations that drain your energy. Make life more fulfilling.

Who is the only person who can “unpoor” you ? Well, you know the answer, it’s YOU.. 


11 thoughts on “POOR ME …

  1. Nice snippet, even without realizing many times we play this self-pity card and it will only make the situation even worse. We give lots of excuses and project to the world that only I have all the problems in the world to gain sympathy, but sympathy is short lived, at some point, we should stop complaining and start fighting for betterment. I just love the way you writes Aastha, keep writing.

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