The jingle of coins brings a twinkle in the eyes,

The rustle of notes springs a bustle in mind.

With pockets full, the heart is at ease,

Oh! When else can a man find so much peace?

Money for labour is so sweet to savour,

It is after all no man’s unmerited favour!

The sweat of the brow and the toil of the bones,

Earns the wages which none ever condones.

Meeting the needs and satisfying wants,

Is what the common man usually plans.

Riches are blessings,

But, greed for riches utter distressings.

To gain by usury and amass luxury,

Ultimately leads to grievous penury.

Little joys of life cannot be with money bought,

They are the ones which are so often sought.

Lavish celebrations and wild revelries,

Fun, partying and mindless orgies,

Never lead to eternal glories,

Rather give rise to endless worries.

Love of money – the root of all evil is,

Causes many to wander towards things that easily fizz,

Till they find everything amiss,

And strive to gather the remaining dribs.

Pleasures can money buy, but joys it cannot,

Luxuries can it surely provide, but enjoyment it cannot,

A healthy body it can train up, a clean soul it cannot,

A job it can secure, but success it cannot.

Enslave your money then,

So you will have less pain.

Over it lord and will it never boss you over,

This is how you will always have your security cover.

Store not for yourselves treasures on earth,

Seek ye the higher riches which no vermin does maraud.

Rich in virtues and integrity be,

Then will you spend your days forever in supernal glee.


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