“Yes ! Money is the thing that’s making our worlds spin”, this was a quote taught to me by my father as a child. I never completely was able to realize its real power until I myself experienced the difference it makes in my life and those around me.

A few years ago, I was respected, adored, appreciated, loved, sought and pampered by everyone who worked for me directly or indirectly. The street guard would give a stiff salute upon seeing me, he would say Namaste and ask about my wellbeing, how humble I thought. A masseur came for papa, all the way from Birla Mandir, he would daily bring flowers and Prasad from the temple, and tell me how good and beautiful I am, and made me laugh till my belly hurt by reciting anecdotes from temple life. The wait staff at hotels would come running on the nod of the head, they would hover around ready to serve, refilling my glass with a turn of my wrist. They all left me believing that I am real good, that they are most humble.

A few months after my father passed and I tried to gather my wits and start interacting with people again, I noticed a sudden shift in their conduct towards me. The guard kept chewing tobacco when he saw me, gone was the respect, the masseur uncle would no longer bring flowers, the fatherly affection he showered on me had vanished, the waiters wouldn’t come to the table until I asked for them several times, gone was the pampering.

I wondered what wrong I did, self-analysing myself and then I came to know the harsh truth. My father used to tip them all heavily, and money was the driving power that was making them suck up to me, to please him ultimately. It was both exhilarating and distressing. It certainly helped me realise that never take things on face value, there is a lot in underplays to people conduct towards you, and among them, money is the supreme reason.

There’s no such thing as free lunches, even if you are being given and offered anything for free, just know in your heart that its price would be extracted from you one way or another. Even a beggar is expected to give you blessings for the coin you gave him, every little favour done to you is rigged, at least most of the time. You might not see the price tag hanging around its neck, but I am sure that you will be able to see the price you have to pay, whatever form its takes.  But yet one must know it’s worth to know its value.

It’s said money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps end the misery. Money is silent, it creeps into your relations and friendships and ends up souring them, keep it in your pocket but not in your heart. Remember the best things in life are free ! 

Money can buy you a bed but not sleep. Money can buy you a clock but not time. Money can buy you a book but not knowledge. Money can buy you a position but not respect. Money can buy you medicine but not health. Money can buy you blood but not life & Money can buy you sex – but not love.


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