The grey hairs of old age,

Speak of warmth, wisdom and worth,

Tiding over winds from,

The east, west, south and north.

Parched by the scorching summer heat,

They never did accept defeat,

Knowing that their youthful feet,

Would soon clamor for resting sweet.


With the pattering of rain,

They did not seek any shelter vain,

Soaked to their skin,

They toiled for their beloved kin.


Braving the harsh winters,

There never were any whimpers,

Awhile providing for their nestlings,

Amidst all life’s rumblings.


Their springs and autumns,

Never fetched them breaks,

From caring and bearing,

For their munchkins – dear darlings.


As the seasons pass by,

With the fading of the glow,

They become too slow,

And for some it indeed is a massive blow!


Leading tiny hands,

Once they watched the dog and pony show,

Clutching on to lifeless staffs now,

They simply feel the cool breeze blow.


Creaking knees and joints,

That God to some appoints,

Leads to many disappointments,

With none to lovingly apply soothing ointments.


Their fading memories,

Invite many jeers,

From the young and hearty,

Who often loudly cheer.


Wrinkled skin and toothless mouth,

Earns them the label of being uncouth,

Behind closed doors and railings strong,

They are often flung for doing nothing so wrong.


Cold jerks for warm hugs,

Rough rugs and sheer shrugs,

Drying cups and empty mugs,

Are things that always them bug.


Dementia and depression,

Lead to constant oppression.

While Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,

Races them to the last run.


Oh! For the tender kiss,

Which would remind them of their youthful bliss,

Oh! For the caring arms,

Which would bring back all of life’s charms.


The love of loved ones,

And the comfort of caring ones,

Makes ageing graceful,

In a life that has been so full.


Never let us forget dears,

That life would put before us,

The same cold fears,

With many wears and tears.


Let us then care for our old,

Seeing our own reflection mould,

We can then be bold,

In showering love untold.




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