Be careful how you wag little tongue,

Not causing anyone by you to be stung!


Hither and thither by leaps and bounds,

All through the day you take too many rounds.


A small muscular medium of communication are you,

Preciously formed by the Master Sculptor True.


So vital an organ to aid verbalization,

Significant for expression of limitless imagination,

Critical to lucid articulation,

Giving clarity to difficult gesticulation.


But, Oh! How big a fire can you cause,

By the tiny spark that escapes from between the jaws,

How deep a heartache can you incite,

By words of anger that seem to bite.


Spicy gossip and merciless slander,

Frequent lying and mindless banter,

Malicious talks and injudicious comments,

All filled with spurious contents! 

Easy it is to tame a horse by bit and bridle,

So tough it is to prevent the tongue from idle fiddle.

Not too much effort to control the ship by a rudder,

Oh so arduous to restrain the tongue’s endless blabber!


Both sweet and salty waters can a spring never yield together,

And so ought the tongue not give praises and curses altogether.


Words seasoned with salt are words that build,

Grace and mercy forever yield.


Words of love work as soothing balm,

They can all the stormy seas gradually calm.

Words of light and truth wield power,

That is loftier than any tall tower.

Prudent use of silver speech,

Many an uncanny silence does breach.


May your words be honourable and pure,

So that they never any guilt conjure.

Words of praises and eternal bliss,

May your lips forever kiss.


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