“Do you like Aishwarya Rai?” he asked excitedly.

I said a strong “No”

“Come on, you are just jealous – she is an epitome of beauty and perfection. How can you not like her?” he asked again

“I don’t like her attitude. Every time she speaks, I feel that she thinks of herself as the queen of world. No humility at all.” I explained.

“So what? She has earned her arrogance. If the beauty queen like her cannot be arrogant then who can be?” He said

That made me think and think again. Can somebody really earn arrogance? Is arrogance a function of your looks, talent and achievement? Is it even justified?

I have many people in my life who are so talented and such achievers in life but never ever show it off. They still believe in learning from others. They believe that no matter what kind of person is sitting next to you – he still has his own qualities and talents that you can learn from.

I am good at my job. Amitabh Bachhan might be the most famous actor – he still cannot beat me at my job.

No matter what you have achieved in your life and how talented you are – you never have the right to look down upon others and be arrogant.

how-to-exude-confidence-without-being-arrogant“Do as I say. Can’t you understand in one time? I asked you to clean the windows?” said one of the ladies to her maid.

Maid quietly took the cloth and stated cleaning the window. I could see despair and sadness in her eyes. I could see that even though she is used to being treated like this – she was still hurt.

There are so many instances where people talk rudely to their household help. Why? Just because they belong to a lower class than you? Is it because you have a bigger financial background that them?

Ask yourself. They are your fellow human beings. They are cleaning your mess. They are supposed to be treated with respect.

Be humble when you are at the peak of success because that is when most of the people can see you and get inspired from you. If you are arrogant person because of your success – remember that you will not find anybody around you when the time comes when you have no success.


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