Once I saw a quote up on facebook saying, ‘Dream big, Work hard and Stay humble’. Quite a doable quote, right? Well not when you aren’t humble enough. I am not at all a humble person, and I say so because at times I really get offended and irritated when someone corrects me. However, I might be a meek person. But does that help me in any way?

One day at office, my manager tells me that I have meeting with the client at the CEO’s office. Nervous I went in with the client and the manager. That day was the worst not only for me, but also for my manager. Our CEO was furious for some reason and scolded us both in front of the client and even the client was not spared. I was astonished. My manager was a 15 yrs old employee and the right hand to the CEO. And he was offended in front of the client and me. He was a very well behaved, good and humble man, is what I knew. I saw the same that day. after the client left he went in and had a chat with our CEO. He said, “there have been times when I was humiliated for things I hadn’t done, still I accepted them and went on, to achieve good things in life.”

This is humility!! Humble people are really not affected by praises or disgrace, is what I learned from that incident. Not thinking about your own self but thinking about others first. He was humble enough to give more honor to our CEO. It is said humility is one of the greatest virtue. One who possess it, receives all the wisdom , knowledge and progress in life. Humility being a virtue is always cultivated. When we are humble, we become patient, tolerant, detaching ourselves from negative surroundings and letting go of all things that hurt.

It is said, ” Humility is a strange thing… Once you think you have got it, You lose it!!!!”