When I was discussing about the week’s topic with Thaddeus I was of an opinion that Meekness and Humility are similar words. But when I asked my uncle, he said NO. He said, “meekness is an outward expression and humility is an inner character.” 

I thought of researching on it a bit before accepting anything.

Google Dictionary defines Meek as – “quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.”

Same way it describes Humility as – “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance.”

Both the words look same but they are not. 

There’s a website called which differentiates these two words beautifully which you can check:

Meekness: Meekness is a property of human instinct and conduct. It has been characterized a few ways like equitable, open to instruction, and patient under anguish. Meekness alludes to conduct towards others, controlling one’s own power, to permit space for others.

Humility: Humility is the nature of being humble. In a religious perspective this is an acknowledgment of self in connection to God and acknowledgment of one’s imperfections. Exterior from religious perspective, it is characterized as the patience from intemperate vanity, and can have moral and ethical dimensions.

The President of India can be humble or can show humility in front of the general public but he can not be meek to the general public. But he can be meek sometimes in his own family in relation to his family members. 

Meekness can be shown with out being humble but all humble people can show meekness at times. Meekness can be humiliating sometimes but humility may not be the same. Humility can be shown without being humiliated as well. Meek can be quietened but being humble doesn’t mean the person won’t be expressing him/herself.  Meekness can be absence of being rowdy but humility can be absence of being proud. 

The bottom line is whatever it may be, whatever may be the differences between these two words… The mixture of these two characters are lethal. It is never a weakness but always a strength to kill the power of hatredness, power of vengeance and power of pride.

Use them as weapon and you will be victorious in every relationship.

Stay blessed!!!