There they sat around the table determined to end the dilemma,

Which for long had served them nothing but sheer insomnia.

The hypothalamus took the lead,

To ensure that the meeting progresses in good speed –

“The heart is sensitive and the mind is tough,

Pressure to the mind puts the heart in a shock,

Pleasure in the mind tells the heart yock – yock.”

To the thunderous applause of the hypothalamus’ speech,

Stood up the frontal lobe with it’s head held high.

“I”, said the frontal lobe, “I plan, think, organize,

When the situation is on the rise,

And there needs to be a decision wise.

I control the laughters and the fears,

And, help steer out of pools of tears.

I hold the reins in my hand,

Even in ways that you do not understand.”

Amidst the pompous rhetoric came a deep knock – knock,

In stepped the heart with its tumbling walk.

“Friends and comrades”, started the heart,

“Spirit, Opportunity, Mangalyaan have touched the surface of Mars,

Only in the years recent,

Signs of existence of water therein,

Have been discovered not in the days too ancient.

The Venera missions have been fewer still,

With the ferocious solar flares threatening the very thought of life.

Yet authors say that having parachuted from Mars and Venus,

Men and women have met at this unique haven called Earth!!

Can any of my esteemed comrades dispel this deadly confusion?

A simple muscular pump am I,

So beyond my means to fathom these intricacies.”

Silence reigned heavy in the room,

It was a scene very near to gloom.

No answers no reason no logic no speech,

Glances exchanged and stares returned,

That was it.

Then with sudden illumination they all looked up,

Nods and smiles soon charged them up,

As they realized the deeper meaning of it all.

Biology, Physiology and Psychology,

Intertwined in one whole,

Makes up the human body, mind and soul.

So think with your mind,

And do with all your heart,

Is the wisest bottom line of it all!