Human brain consists our MIND which is – “the faculty of a human being‘s reasoning and thoughts. It holds the power of imagination, recognition, and appreciation, and is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions” according to Wikipedia.

There are some mind blowing facts about brain that might amazed you as it amazed me while researching on Uncle Google.

Do you know, there are 1,00,000 miles of blood vessels in our brain? And the distance between New Delhi to New York is only 7307 miles. That’s why we can reach our american friends faster than by just travelling by aeroplanes. Lol… Just kidding :p

Do you know our brain uses 20% of the total oxygen in our body? That’s what I was wondering who’s eating up all my oxygen that my poor lungs inhaling for my body. My naughty brain 😦 

Do you know if our brain loses blood for 8 to 10 seconds, we will lose our consciousness? Oh my… I will drink more water and keep myself re-hydrated… I promise… 😉

Do you know the scientists have discovered that men and women’s brains react differently to pain, which explains why they may perceive or discuss pain differently? Now who’s more vulnerable we don’t know. Usually, we see females break down quickly or reacts quicker than the males. Be considerate and don’t judge, you males!!! Me too… 😉

Do you know there is a class of people known as supertasters who not only have more taste buds on the tongue, but whose brain is more sensitive to the tastes of foods and drinks? In fact, they can detect some flavors that others cannot. I think I am one among those ‘Supertasters.’ I am a foodie and I am very sensitive to what touches my tongue. What about you??? 🙂

Have you ever thought that women tend to take longer to make a decision, but are more likely to stick with the decision, compared to men, who are more likely to change their mind after making a decision? Don’t know about this but I tend to stick to my decision to show up but keep regretting in my mind. Now, I am kind of telling all my secrets tonight. Okay…Okay… Have fun reading about them!!! 😦

Do you know the connection between body and mind is a strong one? Of course I know… One estimate is that between 50-70% of visits to the doctor for physical ailments are attributed to psychological factors. No doubt why doctors give Gelusil or Vitamin tabs to the villagers who come complaining excruciating pain in their bodies. Sometimes our mind says, ‘this is a good medicine because the price of this medicine is higher than the other.’ But that’s only in the mind. And doctors utilize that piece of fun fact to cure a patient. Lol, shrewd doctors! 

I think this much fun is enough for tonight. 😉 Rest of the fun can be searched and researched by asking uncle Google who can share all the important facts about our mysterious brain and mind. 

Keep reading and keep having fun!

Stay blessed!!!