Hi Everyone,

My name is Lara, 18-year-old college student.  Exams are round the corner, books are on table and myself in tension. In fact in TENSION! Feel the intensity and impact.  So much to finish and yet not started.  Few pages turned and I could feel the curtains of eyelids drawing.  This really amazes me that we could dance away throughout the night, chat under sheets (online on phone :))till wee hours but when it comes to study we, okay let me rectify, I find it difficult to deviate from timetable and sit for an extra hour.  And I gave up and set alarm for he next morning which is always meant to extended by five minutes.  And believe me the entire 7 hours sleep won’t be  as satisfying as a nap taken in those five minutes.  So leaving behind the pile of books I went to catch my sleep. Within few minutes I was oblivious to this world.

Suddenly there was smoke all over in the room that blinded me.  As it cleared I saw a tall man neatly dressed in formals with folded hands in front of me.  I was taken aback. “Who are you?  what are you doing here?  How did you get inside?”  I shot volley of questions one after another at him. In an unfazed manner he coolly replied ” I am a Jin, a resident of Jinland, I am here to serve you.  You are the lucky one who have  unlocked 150th level of 150th edition of La La land game and have been selected to be served by me.  I could not believe my senses.  “You say you are a jin, but you don’t resemble the one Aladdin (Disney character from Arabian Nights) had” I questioned him. “Madam, just like your world we also have a change in fashion  and what you are talking about is an outdated fashion” he replied.  Well, that makes sense.  So this is how our conversation started:

J:  Mam, what can I do for you?

Me: Let me think.  (After few minutes) make me beautiful.  My complexion should be fair, to be precise between yellow and white.  By yellow I mean golden-yellow and white, I mean milky white.  Lip colour should be pink like rose petals, hair black as coal, eyes brown as honey.

J:  It simply means you want to look like a shade card.

Me:  Excuse me! what do you mean by that?  I want to be a reference for beauty.

J:  That’s what I am saying, even a shade card is used for reference.

Me:  Ok, let it go.  I want good marks in my mathematics exam.  How would you help me?

J:  (with a blink of an eye gets a marker pen in his hand) Here it is mam.

Me:  What is this (I exclaimed)?

J:  A good marker for good marks.  You can allot yourself marks whatever you want.

Hugggh, it was getting on my nerves.

Me: Ok, now get me a pizza, vegetarian with lots of cheese.  I want it right now.

J:  Surely Mam, here it is.

I was happy at least one command received properly.  But before I could relish the moment and pizza of course I was given another shock.  He handed me a bill.

Me:  What is this?

J:  This is called bill for your kind information Mam.

Me:  I know that but why you are handing it over to me.  You are supposed to do and get everything for free.

J:  Mam, if you are forgetting I told you earlier we have our own reforms just like your world.  No service is free.  But you should be thankful to us as we are not yet charging service taxes otherwise that would have hurt you more.

I was dumbstruck.  I ordered him to leave right away.  Then he questioned me “Do you want me to leave job or premises?  Because if it’s the first one you are talking about then I have rights to demand compensation”.

Now I am baffled and yelled “Please leave!”

Suddenly my alarm buzzed and I realized It was a “Dream”. Ufff.  It was all I my mind, desire of good looks, tension of examinations, craving for some junk food etc. It was all in mind.  But the story is not over yet.  And here comes the twist.  As I made my way to the hall for newspaper I found a man sitting in the hall waiting for my father.  To my utter astonishment he was same person whom I have seen in my dreams.  I asked him “who are you?”  He with the same smile that he had in my dreams said “I am P.A to your father”.