Exactly an year ago when I watched “Bhajrangi Bhaijan” movie for the first time in the theater, I did cry through the entire screening and people laughed at me. After an year, when I watched it yesterday, I cried again. Frankly, this was a test I put myself into.

It has happened many times, I am not ashamed to be sharing this.  I get emotional very fast, other’s problem is my problem, I imagine myself in all the problematic situations others are going through and constantly dwell for ways to handle them. I just don’t empathize, I feel the pain deeply… I care to the core and people say I am stupid.

My stupidity does comprise of small and big things. I want ice-cream knowing I would fall sick if I do, I want deep fried stuff knowing that isn’t healthy, a lazy weekend when there are a pile of dishes to do, an adventure knowing I am risking my life. Other’s happiness comes before mine. This can be a great personality, but often people who relate to this kind of behavior end  up with feelings of hurt. So, what did I do to handle this ? This may sound stupid too, but read on…

Dear Heart, Please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood. That’s all !!

This has been one of my favorite quotes, in fact I had a print out of this on my desk for a long time. People have wondered what’s wrong with me … There is only so much I can do to stop my heart from interfering.

Brain says:

“I am warning you in advance, don’t believe that person, you are gonna be back stabbed. Do you copy me ?? “

“Don’t get too emotional, it’s normal that people behave differently at times. Do you copy me ?? “

“Silly, It’s no fun… Don’t get mischievous, he seems enough irritated, he may get angry … Do you copy me ? “

“Can you put the phone aside and sleep ? There is an important meeting early in the morning, Do you copy me ??”

Heart never considers any of these reminders… On the day when the truth is exposed, it suddenly says

“Houston !! We have a problem .. 😦 ” 

Above may sound like a fairy tale story, but in reality this fight exists and it exists within ourselves. We have two thoughts and are validating what’s good, but one takes over the other, that’s simply because either you are a sensitive person for whom emotions form the base, or a practical person for whom logical decisions are important.

Whether its heart or the brain,  reduce nonsense, make decisions that make sense, not only to us but for all others who may be impacted.