Let’s watch few videos that have been made by some brilliant minds to create awareness. 







  1. I have been a huge patriot kind of a person since I was young.. as teenagers we used to think we are in the best country.. then once when a friend of mine visited abroad and when he came back he said the first thoughts after coming back and taking a cab was how dirty this city, this country is.. I was shocked this coming from a person who was only out of the country for 20-25 days.. he could see the difference.. but we don’t seem to mind it at all or rather we are adding to it. we all have accepted the filthiness of our cities as part of the landscape.. it is just there part of being an Indian city. I didn’t find any thing wrong with it as it was part of being an Indian. But after his remark I could also see what an eyesore it was. It is surprising how we want to keep our houses spick and span but it doesn’t matter how dirty our streets are. How ugly the overflowing choked gutters look. Not to mention the huge health hazards we are living with. This callous attitude or the ‘chalta hai’ attitude will not work in this sphere. It is high time we change. Small changes in our daily life will take us a long way. When my kids were small I was paranoid about them not littering on the streets. I used to make them put the used wrappers in my purse. Now he is so accustomed to doing this that I find wrappers of chips chocolates etc in his bag everyday things he has not even eaten. He doesn’t allow his friends also to throw things outside the bus window and keeps them in his school bag. Small incidents like these put a smile on our face and give us hope.. let’s all take small steps everyday towards making our cities clean instead of just blaming the authorities..

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