Cleanliness starts from home which was rightly pointed out by Aastha yesterday. And if you visit somebody’s toilet and that toilet will let you know how clean those people are whom you have visited. Two things really make me feel awkward and they are dirty toilets and dirty beds. I will never prefer to stay in a place where these two things are not clean. I can sleep on the floor but it has to be clean. I can use any kind of toilet but it has to be clean.

And the worst part of the story in India is, the public toilets we have are the worst. I feel horrible when I feel like using the toilet in the stations or bus stands or any other public place because they are absolutely dirty. And usually what we do in a toilet like that? We use it and come out without flushing or throwing little water in the pan. And the cycle continues to make it more dirtier and nastier.

I tried to get some stats regarding the number of people using toilets in India. And I was astounded.

Around 60 per cent of Indians do not have access to safe and private toilets, a new study has claimed.

A report titled ‘It’s No Joke – State of the World’s Toilets’ by WaterAid states that “If all 774 million people in India waiting for household toilets were made to stand in a line, the queue would stretch from Earth to the moon and beyond.”

According to the study released on the occasion of World Toilet Day on Thursday, the world’s second most populous nation has 60.4 per cent of its people without access to safe and private toilets.

It was a statistic given in The Indian Express in November 2015.


India’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) has released the Swachhata Status Report, 2016, which states that the usage of toilets is 95.6 per cent in rural India and 98.8 per cent in urban areas

I don’t know how true is the report. But we need to understand that just a simple cemented covering doesn’t make a toilet. A toilet is not complete even when it is beautifully built yet there’s no water supply to it.  

I really don’t know what to do when it comes to “Community Cleanliness.” What will be my role when I talked about toilets! How I am gonna be a part of that movement?

Things to ponder upon…

Some pictures made me think so much… Some don’t even own a toilet and report says, 95%? Huh, I don’t know what to comment on this…

maxresdefault-1I remember the ad where Vidya Balan creates awareness about the importance of building your own toilets at home to avoid diseases and infections…


Noting that the resulting health crisis is a serious matter, the report said that more than 140,000 children younger than five years die each year in India due to diarrhea.

Let’s think about it seriously…

Keep reading, keep creating awareness and keep participating in different community activities for the well being of human life around you.

Stay Blessed!!!