Hi friends, before talking about “Factual Feedback”, I want to share you two beautiful stories from my life.

In June’12 when I was working for my earlier organization, one day I was very much frustrated by the unprofessional behavior of couple of my co-workers. With that frustration when I came back to home my Papa immediately read my face & asked me, “Son, you look very much frustrated. Is there anything wrong?” I explained him the whole story & said, Papa I am going to write my resignation letter tomorrow morning. I was expecting that my father would support my decision. But Papa left me with a question rather than advising me something. His question was, What do you think, you deserve this job or it’s a grace of God for you? At that very moment the only word  that struck my mind is – WHAT!!!

I will never forget that night, while lying on bed in my dark bedroom with my Papa’s question in my mind, I flashed back the blessed days in 2010 – how God helped me when I was interviewed & appointed to accomplish a major decision making role in that organization when I was simply an university pass-out without having any sort of prior experience. As I wake-up, my morning Prayer was, God, I am sorry for the mistake I was about to commit. I will continue, till you show me my next step. And thank you for my father’s feedback.

This situation taught me a very nice lesson about feedbacks which was, “Your feedback will not always come as an answer as you think. It might be another question which will show you, the mistake you have done or is about to do.”

On 29th Aug’14 I had organized a one-day youth seminar called “GenNEXT” with the help of few of my professional friends. And I was expecting some applauding feedbacks which we usually expect after every meeting. But just after 2 sessions of that seminar, one of my then new friends “Sourav Mohanty” came to me and broked a big question on me – Avinash, GenNEXT is good but what NEXT? And that question has truly taken away my several nights sleep.

But I truly thank God & my friend Sourav for this question, which gave new dimension to my professional carrier & now has become my life’s meaning. This incident taught me one more lesson regarding feedback – “feedback’s are not just appraisals; they are radars to our preferred destinations.”

Feedback truly feeds us back again. We usually pursue feedback as an appraisal of our work wrapped up in the form of answer to our unspoken question – “How well have I done?” But that’s not the reality always. Sometimes feedback might come as a correction or a new dimension like both of my experiences. Feedback is always affirmative in terms. It seems negative to us only when we consider them as “criticism”. Others feedback can influence us/direct us/corrects us, the way we consider them. In one line – “FEEDBACK CAN FEED YOU BACK THE WAY YOU CONSIDER THEM!”

Stay Tuned!