17 thoughts on “DISHONEST FEEDBACK

  1. Awesome write up Saakshi.
    You are truly a great encourager. Keep doing. This is the way to touch some untouched broken hearts. I like your encouragement to that little boy.

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  2. Very nice examples Saakshi.. Expecially with your grandmom, that’s a very lovely gesture from both of you. This deed of yours clearly shows how much you care and your heart speaks 🙂 Job well done!

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  3. The first ever article and the writer suggests to be dishonest. And me being an honest person finding it difficult to understand it…. 😉

    Now, let me be serious and talk about the write-up. Saakshi, this is a fantastic article as a starter. Your vocabulary is great and you chose right words to express yourself. Sometimes we need to be little humble and come down to the level of the person we are talking with… Sometimes being honest is holding the pride that “i will tell the truth..” even when somebody is hurt by what I am saying…

    Very good advise with apt life examples.

    God bless you and may you impact more on Candles Online.

    Regards, CP

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    1. Thank you so much Chiradeep, you have boosted my confidence with your kind words, you have given me an honest feedback with all the right ingredients to inspire me and encourage me. I am happy to be a part of Candles, and will try my best to make you feel proud to bring me here. Thank You for making me part of Candles and giving a chance to give words to my random thoughts. May god bless you too.

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  4. After reading this i realised the importance of dishonest feedback and as such the importance of feedback, that it is to make one feel confident special and to encourage him. I can imagine the little boy, your grand mother and their happiness when you said those words. Awesome and keep mesmerising with your words. Kudos to you SAAKSHI

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  5. As a little surprise you entered my blog world just now. But due to urgent work right now I am not able to go through pages of pages here – but judging by your writing at the top I know I will have hours of pleasure reading your entries. You are right, although we were taught “never to lie” -and something we install into our children, there is, what you quite aptly describe as “…dishonest feedback”. Both your quoted examples (the little boy and your Grandma) are just perfect to show what this quote of your really means. I am glad you posted this and I hope that a few people who read this will take it at heart. – Carina

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    1. It’s always a pleasure to connect with fellow bloggers my dear. We all are pressed for time, I understand. Thank you so much for such a heartfelt and beautiful comment. Glad you liked my blog in a glance. We must learn never to lie, but sometimes, a smile on a kids lips or a chuckle on a old man’s lips is much more precious than brutal honesty. I hope people will learn to know when to lie, when to be truthful but when to keep a heart from breaking. Thank you once again for your honest and awesome feedback. As a writer I know I thrive on likes, comments and feedback, so you have just given me a very nice boost. Hope to see you again. Do visit us. Keep smiling always and have a great winter. ❄️🌹❄️😊🙏


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