I met her in the airport lounge. Rose, a wonderful and a lively person. She introduced herself and told that she was flying for a vacation along with her girlfriends. I was very happy when I got to know about her vacation because, she would be around an age of 65 .. Super cool …

She started to say about herself.

I worked as a teacher in an army school. I was 25 when I met George. There were so many similarities in us, that I couldn’t help myself from falling in love with him. He was bright, charming, energetic, full of humor and above all a selfless person. We spent some glorious moments together and also ended up being intimate. 

George went ahead with his military assignment after which I found out that I was bearing his child. I was very happy and was only waiting for his return. Meanwhile our families learnt about this pregnancy but there was only a little of traction. 

When George returned, he was more happier than I thought he would be. Immediately we arranged for our marriage. A month later we had our bundle of joy in our hands, Susanne. We moved different cities as George had his postings for long terms. Susanne grew up to be a beautiful girl.

When it was time to get Susanne married is when I realized how things can go wrong.  It took us a lot of time to find a man who would see Susanne as her and not as my daughter. You know what I mean, daughter of a woman who crossed her limits before being in a wedlock. 

George and I shared a special bond that was above all relationships for me. There was no doubt or mistrust we ever had for each other. He loved and cared for me as if I am a small baby and I was very lucky to have him as my boyfriend and husband thereafter. George passed away last year and I feel very lonely now. So, my daughter arranged for this trip along with my friends. 

As she left to board her flight, I sat there wondering what I have heard so far.. If you are assuming this should have happened in a foreign country, then you are wrong. It happened in India where sex itself is a taboo, pre-marital sex is out of question.

Many things could have gone wrong with Rose’s life other than finding a groom for her daughter. She has been very fortunate to have an understanding family and a gentleman like George as her husband.

What if, George never returned back from the army camp? – A single unmarried mother that too of a girl child, the thought itself is giving me goosebumps. 

What if, Susanne never accepted her parents as is ? That would have been too painful for them to handle. One cannot stay away from their loved ones for longer and not from their own baby.

Society around us has strict norms of morality and cultural obligations. It may not award you when you follow the rules but would definitely do it’s bit when you go against them. Society has a big mouth and none of us can deny it. Whether its a mistake or a conscious step, even after one realizes that they shouldn’t have done what they did, we cannot expect even a little consideration from the society.

Merely, it’s about one’s conscience. Be watchful about what you are getting into. At a certain age, everything feels right and we make the more easy or pleasurable choices but do remember that every action has a reaction, sooner or later. We should be prepared to face the consequences and they can be daunting, fearful, extremely insulting and may question the very YOU.