“Man, did you just say that you did it yesterday?” Max said, “How cool!! How was it? Was it your first? Where did it happen?”

Rob said, “Calm down!! It wasn’t my first.  And it’s definitely not my last.”

With a proud look he added, “She was interested and so was I. And we thought it might just click for us. So we went ahead and gave it a try. Well I don’t think we are compatible man. We just broke up.”

Fun and cool. Yes, these kinds of words go out with the term premarital sex. We are just finding out how compatible we are sexually or we are trying to get better at it or we are trying to know each other better.

Oh!! Do we realise how bad it is for us!! Emotionally, physically and spiritually? Sex, is not for mere entertainment or a part of the selection process but it is a holy conjugation of two persons to become one flesh. Well, who cares!! WE just love doing it and of course it is just a passing phase. And even if our conscience pulls us back, we keep repeating it time and again… WHY?

Insecurities seep in as we do it the first time and it keeps growing and growing as we continue with it. Insecurity of being

  1. caught,
  2. compared to the previous partner,
  3. ditched and left alone again,
  4. deemed unfit of company with friends,
  5. losing class or standard.

So, why in the first hand start doing things as such and not maintain a clean life? Why should we be compelled to lead an insecured life? Sex never ensures deep or profound sense of emotional bonds or security of any sort. Well the concept of live-in relations gives us an obvious idea about it. WE must learn to say no to such situations. It might not work out the first few times but later on we will be the ones who would be respected no matter what. Keeping the marriage clean by not indulging in premarital or extramarital sex will not only give us a wonderful life, but it will also being in lots of happiness to our family and give us emotional and spiritual security. Sex, from the very beginning has been a mystery and we have always been advised to keep it a mystery till our marriage… so that the marital couple can have the best out of that mystery when it is unveiled within a marriage bond.