A 12 year old asked her Sex Education teacher, “What is the right age to have sex?”

Teacher was quiet for a while, wondering how to rightly answer that question and then a nice idea props up in her head.

“Tell me, what will happen if you feed Pizza to 2 weeks old baby?” Children look at each other and then one boy speaks up – “You can’t”

Teacher asks – “Why not?” and there is silence in the room. Teacher smiles and further says, “Because the baby’s body is not grown up enough to digest the Pizza. The baby’s digestive system is only made to digest milk at that time. If you feed him Pizza, it might even kill the baby or seriously damage his/her digestive tract”

Now teacher throws another question at the class of students, “What happens when you try to teach a 1 year old kid multiplication of 2 numbers?” The class now starts laughing. “It is not possible” somebody shouts at the back.

“Yes right, it is not possible because a 1 year old brain is not intelligent enough to understand that level of mathematics”

Then she says something that makes all kids think, “Just like a few weeks old body cannot digest pizza and a 1 year old brain cannot comprehend mathematics – the same way a child’s body or his/her brain is not prepared to handle sex at a younger age. Sex is meant for grown-ups (read adults) because unlike animals we live in a society which works on certain principles. Coming to your question – what is the right age to have sex? I would say that marriageable age has been defined as 18 for girls and 21 for boys and this has been done considering that by that age most human beings are mature enough to handle physical and emotional consequences of sex.”

“Sex is a complex process. It involves our hormones which cause major physical changes in our bodies and our emotions. What these hormones do to our emotions is something that you cannot comprehend at this stage. But you need a good emotional maturity to handle that kind of upheaval. “

“An institution of marriage was created for a few very simple reasons – to create loving families for the children born out of sex between 2 adults, to create a society that supports 2 adults when they go through this emotional upheaval and to make the bond between 2 individuals stronger and committed.”

“If you have sex with your marital partner – your families and society supports you. If you have sex before marriage – well, then you land yourself in a very risky position. If you both finally end up breaking up – then the emotional upheaval that was surfaced during sex creates havoc and it becomes very difficult to get out of that relationship and start afresh. Moreover sex before marriage is without a commitment, hence the chances of being cheated or used are way higher which also puts both the individuals at the risk of emotional disturbance/depression.”

“The number of suicides today among youngsters which are because of a failed love life is alarming. Pre-marital sex is one of the big reasons. So, consider when you make your choices.”


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