Fear and Life co-exist. It’s not feasible for life to exist without fear. While I was doing a retrospection of my own life, I came across two major incidents in my life which I believe you might have been through too! One happened with me, when I was in School where life was running on routine and the other one happened with me, when I was in College where life moved as I wished.

School Homework: Yes, you read it right… its school homework. Throughout my schooling, I used to do my homework for the FEAR of being punished or being failed in the examination. The fear of punishment was the factor that forced me to finish my homework. When I look to the positive side of this fear factor, I learned a lesson. Doing homework for the fear of punishment disciplined my life as a student and helped me in my career path.

Without fear life will become rudderless, which is not only precarious for us but also for our fellow human beings. Fear, time and again disciplines us and safeguards our lives from erroneous consequences. It constricts us with certain parameters of life and makes us ‘Being Human’ instead of human being. Everyone with flesh, blood and mind is a Human Being but ‘Being Human’ is the one whose life is always safeguarded with ‘FEAR,’ in a positive sense.

College Girlfriend: Like most of the other guys I had a girlfriend during my graduation days at College. When I was in that relationship I dreamt many dreams with her which later became a grisly nightmare. After the break-up for many days, this grisly nightmare or my shattered dream became the fear factor with regards to trusting another person. I had that fear of failure whenever I found that a relationship had started to bloom.

The fear of that grisly nightmare always comes as an obstacle in front of me when I try to take a step ahead. But the hope keeps shouting behind, ‘go ahead, and do not fear’. Fear of our past mistake is annoying. We commit mistakes in order to learn and grow – not to fear and stop growing in life. Fear is always a dark cloud, which has to pass by but that does not mean we stop walking. There is always sunrise after sunset. So don’t fear your FEAR.

I would like to conclude this snippet with one note – When your fear brings  discipline, consider it. But when it brings hopelessness, don’t consider it, just overlook and keep moving till you reach your destination.