Fear kills! Yes, you read it right. Fear kills! Each day many people die untimely deaths because of fear. Extreme fear causes the internal physiological system to collapse leading to multiple organ failure. Of course, constant irrational fears (phobias) are definitely not normal and need to be dealt with by experts. There are certain triggers of fear that can be nipped in the bud before they lead to disastrous consequences.

D – Doubt

Lack of trust creates doubt and doubt leads to fear. Fear arising from doubt breeds suspicion, gives rise to conflict, breaks relationships and takes the lives of many. Fear arising from doubt robs the peace from one’s life and provides room for apprehensions.

E – Emergency       

Emergency situations require an immediate response. Not all people are equipped to handle emergencies. Many people are unable to act instantly because of the fear of the consequences of the emergency. For example, a person who hears about the sudden accident of his son needs to rush to the spot immediately. If the fear of facing his son in critical condition holds him back, all will be lost.

M – Malady

A debilitating disease afflicting a loved one or oneself creates fear in the heart. Fear of losing a dear one to sickness or fear of losing one’s life, especially when one has the responsibility of children and / or aged parents / spouse is really worrisome. Research studies have shown that fear slows down the process of recovery.

O – Opposition

Facing criticism and opposing views creates fear in the hearts of many – fear of taking initiative, fear of losing one’s self-esteem, fear of being ignored, fear of being jeered at and fear of rejection. And, so we prefer to remain silent and sail with the rest of the crew.

N – Novelty

Novelty usually has uncertainty as its companion. Hence, newness gives rise to fear in the hearts of many. A new relationship, new job, a new-born baby, a new plan, new boss, new school/college/workplace – give rise to apprehensions which are normal for a short duration. However if these feelings of apprehension linger for long, they give rise to fear.

So, then how do we cage this demon called ‘fear’?

C – Cultivate Faith

Have faith in your abilities, in yourself and in God. God believes in you and your potential. So, you need to believe in yourself even when the situation is bleak and there is no hope in sight. Faith generates hope. And hope dispels fear. Hence, cultivate faith.

A – Accept wise Counsel

Nobody on earth can claim to be a ‘know-it-all’ expert. We all need advice / suggestions from time to time. When fear regarding anything grips your heart, seek help. Share your apprehensions / fears with a trusted person and accept the wise counsel that is offered to you.

G – Govern your Thoughts

Don’t allow fearful thoughts to gain an edge over you. Instead replace them with courageous and positive thoughts. Avoid the company of fearful people. Fear breeds fear. Be in the company of people who would infuse courage into you. Positive self-talk strengthens the mind. Fill your mind with thoughts are true, pure, noble and courageous. Don’t let your thoughts govern you. Rather, you govern your thoughts.

E – Embrace Changes

Fear of the consequences lead many to inaction. Imagine that a bud refuses to bloom because it is afraid of the changes that it might encounter when it becomes a flower! Will it be able to enjoy its life and bring joy to others? If a pupa refuses to become a butterfly, it will die trapped in its cocoon. Change always springs in something new. Encountering the new and novel creates fear in many. However, remember you cannot bloom unless you embrace the changes that life has to offer.

So, don’t allow the fear-demon to scare the life out of you. Cage it in. It’ll die a slow death!


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