Hi Everyone,

We are all racing against time in this competitive busy lives of ours.  Day begins with buzz in our ears and alarm clock pushing us to begin our race that never reaches the finish line.

Oh my God! I am getting late, what shall I prepare for breakfast and lunch;

I have to get my kids ready for school;

I am getting late for my office;

My assignment is not ready, what I am gonna tell my teacher;

The all important presentation is yet to be finalised and the clients have already reached office;

Exams are round the corner and I don’t have enough time to finish the entire portion“.

So many examples from our lives that always reiterate the fact how we all fear the ticking clock.  Actually it is the outcome we fear.  We fear the anger of other person, we fear the result of delay on our career and future, we fear what impact does our being late would have on our loved ones and there are numerous examples to show how we fear time.

These are examples from our day-to-day life.  Now let’s see how does clock ticks for celebrities and big shots we adore.  Let’s take the example of beloved actresses of our film industry that we call “Bollywood”.  It’s often said that actresses have a shelf life of say 5-10 years, though I strongly condemn this as they are human beings just like us and not a commodity but its a bitter truth of society’s thought process.  And during that stipulated time they have to amass popularity and wealth and strengthen future prospects.  The constant fear of being said “your time is out” hovers on their minds.  This fear makes them postpone their marriage and family lives.  And just like I said in my previous write-up “Our Emotion Is Their Business” their fear of not looking beautiful or looking aged on-screen gives business to many plastic surgery practitioners .

Our politicians also fear time as they are not sure what could next elections possibly hold for them in store.  Sometimes it doesn’t even take five years but chances of mid-term elections create havoc in their political careers. This might be the reason they work 24/7 for the betterment, whose betterment is a question left for us to decide.

So basically Time is really powerful.  It heals, it teaches and it instigates “FEAR“.

What do you think?