We had a very nice week discussing about one of the very vital subjects of life, “Emotional Quotient.” My co-writers have written about it and to certain extent we are clear about the subject.

Things have changed over the years. EQ is now valued more than IQ in every field.

You may ask, “Why and how?” 

It is actually because our emotions play a big role in our productivity, efficiency and maintaining relationships. In recent times, team work has been of utmost importance. Those times are gone when you just used to do your work, earn something and enjoy it at home with your family. In every sector, we are observed how good we are in socializing and team building. 

If I have to define EQ then I would like to define it as – “EQ is understanding my own emotions, managing it well to motivate myself for the task and responsibility bestowed upon me and sensibly understanding other’s mind using my communication skills effectively.”

I found some interesting video presentations on YouTube which I think are very important for all of us to watch and understand EQ in depth.  

1. Emotional Intelligence by Brendon Gouveia:


2. Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace – Carolyn Stern:


3. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership – BreakthruInMarketing:


These videos are so interesting to watch that I kept watching videos after videos trying to understand this subject in depth though I am unable to mention all of them right here. But you can go ahead and surf through all that yourself.

Keep reading and watching… And yes, don’t forget to manage your EQ well 😉 .

Stay blessed!!!


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