Isn’t it so startling!

We are the people of smart-age. Our generation is almost in the pinnacle of success. Often we tag “There’s nothing impossible for me” on social media. But still we struggle with our ‘emotions’ and maintaining even an average level of EQ in different stages of our life.

Every next person to us is struggling with some kind of emotion. Sometimes it’s quite similar to us and sometimes it’s different. 

Last Friday, I was travelling to office. Suddenly I saw a middle-aged, educated lady sitting in front of me facing towards the window crying bitterly. I thought that somebody told her something but I found everyone were busy with their own business. Some were busy their mobile phones, some were having great political talks, some were just waiting for the bus to reach their destination so that they can hop inside their offices. No one told her anything, but still she was crying though she was trying to control her emotions in public. I was truly feeling bad for her. My heart was insisting me to go and ask her but questioned popped up in my mind, “Do I know her? How will she react to me? If something else happens, will I be able to handle that situation?” Bugged down  with all these thoughts when I came out to my senses, I found the lady getting down at her destination.

Human emotions are always controlled or played by the minds, of our own’s or of other’s.

Sometimes our Emotions stays UNEXPRESSED. Even though our smart gadgets provides us with ‘emoticons/emojis’ to express our emotions yet  we fail to express ourselves properly sometimes.

Sometimes our Emotions are MANIPULATED.” In most of the relationships we usually find someone’s emotion is being manipulated by somebody else.  True love in a relationship usually helps us to grow in our relationships without manipulation of each others emotions.  But now days things have changed a lot. Emotions are usually manipulated when we have selfish motives in our relationships. We have many TV series depicting manipulation of emotions, i.e., “Emotional Attyachar.” 

Many times Emotions are IGNORED”. When any of our friends struggles with heart breaks etc. do we pay attention to him/her or make fun of him/her? This way we ignore their emotions. Our ignorance doesn’t heal our friend’s emotional wounds rather we scratch it more and make it worse. Let’s try to ‘Love Band-Aid’ the emotional wounds of our friends rather than playing the mind games by ignoring their emotions.

Low EQ in a person usually make him/her inexpressive or over-expressive. Low EQ makes a person play or manipulate with others emotions. Low EQ makes a person insensitive and makes him ignore somebody else’s state of mind.  

Don’t be the Player of Mind games, especially when it comes to EMOTIONS!

God bless! Stay tuned!




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