Years back while travelling on Delhi roads in auto rickshaw I saw a pair of hands begging for alms in scorching heat.  To add to the misery of sight there was a baby in lap.  And she said “please give something, baby haven’t had anything since two days”, I was moved and handed over a note of Re.10, she blessed and went to other vehicle at the traffic signal.  To this the auto driver said “madam, you shouldn’t have done this, this is their business, they carry babies only to attract attention and get money.  They know the nerve of donors well”.  It made me think and think more seriously till I reached my destination.

This is just one incidence.  Daily we see numerous faces on roadside who are into this business.  Yes, you heard it right.  It’s a business.  And what is capital invested?  Innocence.  Yes, more innocent a face is greater the chance of  earning more per day and who better than  kids can be the owner of innocence.  Its proven that every day small children (babies as well) are being abducted and put into this lowly act of begging just to quench the thirst of greed of some greedy souls (read people).  This is not just one case where our emotions are traded for meeting selfish motives and making moolah.  In  almost every field,  every occupation human emotions are bankable assets.  Let me elaborate with few more examples.

  • Nowadays we see a substantial rise in the number of C-section deliveries.  Some are genuine but majority of them recommended merely because they come with a huge medical bills that are paid in favour of hospitals.  They are cashing our fear here.
  • Fairness cream brands portray fairness as the only parameter of acceptance in the society.  Dusky complexion is taken for granted and fairness is always wanted.  Here our insecurities are banked upon.
  • Banks promote compulsive buying when they vouch for credit cards.  They try to tap our temptations and our weakness to control them.

So basically it is lack of our control on our emotions that makes us weak.  Be it fear, anger, greed, insecurity, anxiety, overly sympathy etc.  Lower the control means lower Emotional quotient.  And this gives an opportunity for opportunists (read people with business acumen) to mint money.  And once action taken people with low emotional quotient try to list reasons for their miseries in life, trying to put blame on others, eventually develop more negative emotions.  I am sure all of you must have heard about words “emotional fools”.  That’s nothing but a slang to define people with low emotional quotient.

Then how not to get branded as such.  Does it mean we stop being emotional and completely robotic.  No, I definitely don’t mean so because then we will no more be considered “human”.  Emotions are an integral part of being human.  We should rather develop our innate level of emotional intelligence.  Before taking any action at the drop of hat just “pause and think” and answer few questions depending upon the situation:

  • Is it necessary?
  • What could be the consequence of my action?

I know its not an easy task to begin with but this old saying never fails if put into practice

slow and steady wins the race 

And definitely we will reach our goal of being at a position to be able to take decisions without being carried away by our emotions and no one else could take undue benefit from us.




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