The morning dew shines on the leaf,
The night changes to dawn
As the rays of the sun break
From the thick clouds.

With each moment that passes,
The seasons change bit by bit,
Spring to autumn,
Green to golden.

And  I have seen change.

This is what a young 18 years old girl Shivangi writes in her blog which I quoted above. It confirms, “CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.”

My co – writers have explained their heart out throughout the week talking about “Changes in Life.” And as I was reading through all of that once again I found SIX important aspects which we all should know and understand for our life.

1. Change is Necessary:

Prabhjot:  When I think of “Change”, a very strong message comes to my mind – “Change is vital to survive”.

Change has always differentiated between who is the best and qualified and who are the losers. Change has always brought something good in a person when change is taken positively. We loose interest in life if change doesn’t happen. Change brings betterment, as we humans are not perfect. We just try to run towards perfection till our death. So change in us and around us is necessary and vital for survival.

2. Realistic Approach to Change:

Rajnandini:  A realistic approach towards meeting various life changes involves an open mind, a flexible thought process, an adaptable disposition and an unflinching faith in God.

Open mind, flexibility, adaptability and trust in God are perfect approaches to the changes , even the most expected ones. Without these realistic approaches we might struggle to stay content, stay happy, stay fruitful and probably to survive in life till the end.

3. Adapting to Change is Wise:

Aastha:  Even when life is pushing in roller coaster of changes, all we can do is to learn to adapt to them. Resisting to a change is the worst we can do for ourselves, tomorrow or the day after, the change may say a ‘hello’ to us again.

I remember in school days we read about adaptation. And that was one of my favorite science lesson. Those living beings who haven’t adapted to the environment are not seen these days. So adapting to change is super essential to stay in the race, of course not in a negative sense.

4. Change Makes us Responsible:

Kalpana: An incredible change that marriage and parenthood brings is that they make us responsible. They make us think beyond “Me”.  They make us learn the importance of patience and compromises.  More importantly it galvanize the concept of “sharing is caring” in our lives.

When the changes take place we do a reality check and go through a process of self-examination or analyse the situation which ultimately makes us responsible, thinking and active.

5. Love Helps During Changes in Life: 

Ruth: Love holds together and sustains our life during a transition period or any kind of changes in our lives.

Love is constant and absolute. And it has that potential to do miracles and wonders. During difficult times,  with love of family members and friends things have turned from negative to positive miraculously.

6. Understanding the Direction of Change: 

Avinash: But in the midst of this game of change, what we human being must do? We must analyze the changes in our life logically. We can know that by putting the changes of our life into the Cubical of ‘3 W;’ Change in Which WAY, What Purpose and When.

Unless we understand how the change is taking place, in what direction my life will go and what can be the implications of the change then we will be doomed.

Concluding my ‘Final Note,’ I can say by quoting somebody, “the only two things that are for certain in this life are change and death. And the way we choose to view these two certainties dictate the way we choose to live our lives. How we handle change shapes our future. Moments of change-both minute and colossal are all for a reason. In the grand scheme of things, every piece of this elaborate puzzle fits together for an ultimate purpose. A bigger picture.

So friends, never be discouraged and disappointed when changes of life hit hard but take heart and fight a good fight of life, trusting in God completely. When the right time will come you can see the bigger picture which will take away all your pains, suffering and tears  within seconds. So keep running the race of your life jumping over the hurdles of changes.

Stay Blessed!!!



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