The Right Honorable British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill (1864 – 1975) said,

“There never will be enough for everything while the world goes on. The more that is given the more there will be needed.

That’s indeed true if we look from the context of “Changes in Life”. In our life and as well every living thing under the sun changes every moment. Change in life is inevitable and the most indispensable part which need not be disregarded. Without changes in life we cannot survive.

Changes in life do not happen once. Changes took place from the time when we were in the form of liquid in our mother’s womb and the game of change in life remains unplugged till our earthly body decays. But in the midst of this game of change, what we human being must do? We must analyze the changes in our life logically.

Our GenNEXT mind says, “I’m DIFFERENT”! We strive to prove that by bringing changes into our life style. And which is paradoxical. Now, the big question is how to know that – “Is my change right!”? We can know that by putting the changes of our life into the Cubical of ‘3 W’.

Changing in Which WAY? : “There is nothing wrong in change, if it is in the right direction” – Winston Churchill. Change is obvious and should be, but we have to determine first that, in which WAY am I changing? Am I changing from good to better and better to best or am I changing from good to bad and bad to worst. If we take smoking as an example, we can see that from our childhood we are not smokers. We became smokers as we follow the life of our smoker friends. We knew that “smoking is injurious to health” still for the sake of fashion we do that and as the days goes on our fashion turns to our addiction.

Changing for What PURPOSE? : When I was doing inters that time a very beautiful Bollywood movie released “Tere Naam”. In that movie Super Star “Salman Khan” had two special haircuts, which is appreciated for the sake of the role he was playing in that movie. But soon after that movie most of the guys started keeping such haircuts which went against of their personality. Even most of such crazy guys were considered as unsocial by the elderly group. Bible says, ‘Do not follow the worldly patterns rather renew your mind and do which is good, pleasant and acceptable in the eyes of God’. Because we all are called by God for a definite purpose which needs to be fulfilled by us. We must measure each of our changes with scale of life’s Purpose.

Changing but When? :  Changes in life bring meaning and fulfill the purpose of our life. That’s the truth but this truth must be followed by the question “WHEN?”, because “there is a time for everything”. The great MJ achieved every conceivable things through-out his life. Even he had his own world called “Neverland Ranch”, but there was none of his beloved by his death bed and there was no medicine for him to heal from the alcohol stupefaction. Man doesn’t know about his Birth and about his Death. Birth has already happened with us and death is the absolute near future. Let’s change ourselves from all the unacceptable and ungodly stuffs prevailing in our life. The day is soon when no human being can do anything.

Let’s not forget the Cubical of 3 W, in the game of Changes in Life!!!

Stay tuned!




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