Hi Everyone,

Change is permanent.

Got a new i-phone, proudly showcasing it but got to know that your friend got an upgraded model at revised (read lower) price, what a change? Everyday new, newer inventions and discoveries strive to change our lives.  So, change is here to stay and it’s everywhere.  Weather changes everyday, season changes quarterly, water in river changes every year, government changes every five years (if we are fortunate enough and no mid-term polls) and numerous examples to establish the fact “change is permanent”.

When change is mentioned in reference to human life one incidence that effects life of every soul irrespective of their social standing, caste or creed is the sacred institution of marriage and following that is parenthood.

Marriage changes life for both the parties involved.  As soon as a girl and boy gets married they have big changes awaiting them.  Now the words “my family” embraces a new world altogether.

For a girl the change starts with the surname.  Soon everything associated with her parental house is a past including her habits and hobbies.  She might not have entered kitchen till the D-Day of her life but soon after marriage she is supposed to don the cap of cook and excel in the culinary art.  As soon as a girl enters her new home she is entrusted with every responsibility doesn’t matter how trivial it is.  That’s a “BIG” change for her.

When talking about the changes after marriage it will be unfair if we don’t talk from boy’s point of view.  Now every information turns into seeking permission.  Before marriage “mom I am going to see my friends.”  After marriage ” can I go to see my friends?” This is just one example. Many such instances can be given.

And what follows marriage just sets the life on a roller coaster ride, Parenthood!  Yes it does.  When a couple becomes parents they are hosting a whole gamut of changes in their lives.  Suddenly they are night watchman (woman), timetables keeping an account of feeding times, can no longer stay relaxed on weekends and binge on leftovers of day before, have to perform the role of clone as well.  In short you have to be whatever you are not before.

Till now whatever we have discussed they are more or less on lighter note.  An incredible change that marriage and parenthood brings is that they make us responsible. They make us think beyond “Me”.  They make us learn the importance of patience and compromises.  More importantly it galvanize the concept of “sharing is caring” in our lives.

It’s a difficult but a good change nevertheless (more often).

Raise your hands who agree with me, please🙋



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