When I think of “Change”, a very strong message comes to my mind – “Change is vital to survive”. The world is changing at a much faster pace than it has ever in the history. Technology has evolved way ahead of us, it is too difficult to keep up with the times.

The way technology has advanced has made it most difficult for our parents generation. I realise that when I teach my mother-in-law to use various shopping apps. For all her life she has loved shopping and now she has to browse over shopping sites/apps to know the latest trends. My dad did not have a mobile phone till 2008. He simply felt that there isn’t any need for it and today he is as dependent on it as we are. My mom learnt whatsapp recently because she simply could not afford any longer to be left out on all the family group chats. These people had never used computers and now they are getting comfortable slowly and gradually with technology. Embracing this change is highly important for them to stay up to date with their kids.

It scares me to think about the changes we would have to go through to be at par with our kids. My 18 month old boy already knows how to open youtube on my phone. I won’t be surprised if he surpasses my level of knowledge in his early school years. And that is scary because the world outside also has a cruel side.

Once in a corporate training, we were being explained the importance of accepting the changing world and change along with it. We were told the story of “Bajaj”. The company named “Bajaj” manufactured scooters. Most of us who are 70s or 80s born in India might have seen their dads use these scooters. Cars were only meant for the high class then and middle class used the Bajaj scooters. They were the pioneers then, almost every household had them or wanted to have them. They ruled the market for a couple of decades and then they were washed away by Vespa and other brands who came up with light weight scooters. Had Bajaj seen this change coming and would have innovated – they would have survived.

There are many other such stories. Kodak – which was such pioneer in the area of photography got washed out when digital photography took the driver seat. Nokia was the most famous brand of phones 10 years back – today nobody wants to buy a Nokia phone.

If you want to survive – change with the changing world.