The biggest miracle, they say, happens when a person turns into a new leaf leaving behind the old degraded self. One cannot easily comprehend how the new spirit comes to live inside the human eliminating the old spirit. This comes about when a person changes his habits, attitudes, priorities, goals and behaviours only to embrace a new life that lifts him up from ashes and puts him in glory. But what is the most powerful thing that brings about changes in our lives? Love.

The very utterance of the word love exhibits power. I feel the word love is synonymous to power. No wonder we hear of courageous acts conducted in the name of love sprawled across history. One who knows how to love is completely in possession of ultimate power. Love makes all things work in the Universe. Love is responsible for the sustenance of different people during changes occurring in their lives.

By love, I don’t mean the butterflies that begin to flutter in our bellies on hearing a particular name. This life changing love helps to hold together when “your world is completely out of sync and a feeling of lifeless living.”

It is this pure love that motivates a woman to become a mother when life brings a drastic change in that woman’s life. That love makes the woman to shower the treasures of her love to her children. This love strengthens a man to be a father who ultimately prioritises his family and works in sweat and blood to give them their best even during the difficult changes of life. This love brings the change in a woman to be a teacher who sacrifices her sleep to bring forth progress in her students. The love of a subject instigates a student to excel in it and face the changes that comes around him or her and makes him/her a something in life. This same love causes a vile neighbour to change his ways and become friendly. This love when showcased by a hopeful wife brings back her wayward husband to the right track. It is this love that causes a friend to stand by another friend during depression and brokenness so that a transformation can come about in life. It is this very love, my friend that transforms the woes of an orphan child to smiles when he or she finds a set of loving parents. And it was love that restores mankind from the depths of sin to heights of righteousness.

Love does accomplish things. The impossible can be made possible only with the power of love. Love holds together and sustains our life during a transition period or any kind of changes in our lives.  Another element that works along with love in the midst of difficult changes, is perseverance. And it is love again that inculcates this value. Therefore believe in the power that love has and you will not falter when changes take place. The change will come about easily and we will be adapted to it easily too.



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