The Greek term for the word “Giving” is “dosis,” which literal meaning is “Gift.” I believe this truly justifies the meaning and sense of the word. Giving should be in terms of gift, which never carries the policy of return (Payback) and is always maintained in contentment, only to sense someone worthy in relation to us. But let’s keep this definition aside for a while and look into the present terms of giving.

Before writing this article I found four attitude of giving. I believe everyone under the sun will fall somewhere among these four attitudes of giving.

  1. 1BusinessBusiness – Class Giving: In our life when we give something to someone, we often tune into the game of pure business. Our attitude of giving is mostly sketched on balance sheet of “Profit & Loss”. We give something to someone in order to take four fold profits out of that. Here we are not giving, we are investing, so that we can earn later on. Those who thinks it’s good to be Business class giver and giving is an investment, for them I have two questions – ‘What have you invested for your birth?’ and ‘What have you invested for your culture?’
  2. Advertisement – Class Giving: In this class of giving attitude, we give so that our name will be advertised. All will know that I have contributed for so and so cause. My name will be flashed and I will be praised by others as a generous personality.self-promotion

I remember few years back, we few youths from our church went to a man for donation for a social activity. Immediately that man gave us a positive reply. But before giving donation he wanted to check our Money Receipt book, so that he can become the highest donor in the donors list.

That was truly an embarrassment for us. The Bible says, “When we are giving, our left hand should not know what our right hand is giving.” This standard of secrecy we need to maintain when we are giving something to someone. But are we up to this standard of giving? Are we giving or doing an advertisement?

  1. PAFF_093014_CalculativeMindsetMFB_newsfeatureEconomy – Class Giving: In this class of giving attitude, we become very economical. It’s like we are going on a trip in the month end. This we often see during festival or celebration time. During festivals the sweet packet from our family goes after a cross-check of the sweet packets from our relative’s family. During marriage days we often keep records of the gifts given by our dear ones, so that in future we will also gift them the same amount of gift what we receive from them. Are we giving or doing a comparative study of giving and proving ourselves better? “God loves a cheerful giver” – The Bible says. Let’s not forget that.
  2. 19231913-mmmainGratitude – Class Giving: Givers belong to this class always consider their ‘attitude of giving’ as ‘an attitude of gratitude’ towards God. They always consider their possessions on earth as a blessing from God, which they don’t deserve. I would like to stand with them. Because our birth, our culture, our language, our race, our earthly possession etc., all we have since our birth for which we had not invested at all. Do we deserve that or it’s a grace from God our our Parents?

Yesterday someone shared me the story of an old man from Chennai whom Rajnikant, The Thalaiva adopted as father. That old man spent his earnings for the cause of poor and destitute people. Even he spent his pension in giving to poor on street.

Many people like such old man are around us, who never comes to limelight but they always consider their life and possession as God’s grace and by giving it to needy is accomplishing the attitude of gratitude towards God.

Every human being is into the attitude of giving from some point of reference but the matter is what about our attitude to the person/sect whom we are giving.

“How you are giving matters more than what you are giving!”

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