Once we both husband and wife were on the Park Street in front of a Rolls Stall waiting for the man to deliver us one chicken roll each as we were returning back from the hospital and were starving. When I was given the roll by the man, a boy came and ask the stall owner to give something to eat. I thought I will give away my roll to the boy and order one more for myself. While I was deciding that in my mind the stall owner drove away the kid and he ran away from that place.  A verse from the book Proverbs immediately came to my mind at that moment:

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

The poor boy needed it as he was hungry. The roll was due to him and it was under my power to hand it over to him which I didn’t do or took time to do…  And ultimately loosing an opportunity to help a poor, hungry kid. 😦

I had probably shared this story of my life many times on different platforms or even here on Candles Online too but I can’t forget the lesson God taught me that day through that powerful verse.

Giving is an deliberate action and doesn’t always depend upon our emotions. We need to practice it on a daily basis. When God gives, He doesn’t see who’s good or bad. He provides rain and sunshine to all irrespective of their characters and actions. He does it deliberately because that’s His nature, His character, His attitude. When He doesn’t withhold good things from His created beings then we being created in His own image, how can we withhold good things from our fellow human beings???  We need to ponder about it seriously.

Keep reading and keep sharing your hearts to us…

Stay Blessed!



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