Hi Everyone,

As soon as I came to know about this week’s topic one thing that struck my mind instantly is an old saying:

Neki Kar Dariya Mein Daal

Which translates to do good and forget it.  We can also put it this way: never keep an account of good things you do.  This reminds me of a very recent incident that happened in my life.

One of my friend texted me asking me for help as his mother was supposed to undergo a heart operation.  He needed some funds and I instantly arranged the requisite amount.  Within a span of two days I got another text from another friend and message was same.  That reminded me of similar message before the one I spoke about now.  The count is three.  I was worried as I thought some hacking might have taken place and I have been duped (though I haven’t given any account details).  I discussed the same with my husband.  He very calmly said “only two things would happen, either the guy would return the money or not.  In first case you would have the satisfaction of helping your friend in time of need.  And in the second case which could be the worst scenario you have a lesson learnt but hard way.  But in any case your intention to help and clear conscience can never be questioned and that’s all that matters.  Now just relax and forget about that incident” he said.  I was spellbound.

When we keep an account of things we do for others there is very high probability that we expect favours in return.  And that simply questions our conscience.  That’s why it is said in new testament of Bible (I am sorry if I am wrong, as I read Bible’s new testament long back, do correct me): left hand shouldn’t know about the charity done by the right hand.  If we intend to help someone then no one else should know about that, there’s absolutely no need for that.  Any amount of bragging or boasting is publicity but no charity, no help.

Service should be the only motto:  what could be a better example for service to mankind than Gurdwara services.  Feeding and sheltering homeless hungry people without raising questions of any sort and without expecting even a single penny is the most ideal example for what “service to mankind”  means.  Everyone is welcome there.

For me giving is not only about helping someone in need.  It’s also about giving back to society what is due.  Being a responsible citizen, carrying out all duties instead of just fighting for rights is the first and foremost step in this direction.  Be it paying taxes in time and correctly, be it planting a plant in society compound, be it respecting senior citizens-  anything that strives for a peaceful present and a better future is our contribution to our society.  Don’t you all agree?

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